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100.000 bikers in South Africa recently took to the highway to make a stand against the placicide.

South Africa's Marxist government, funded by George Soros and Donald Trump, denies that there are farm murders at all.

Meanwhile, the American taxpayer is involved in the rape, torture and slaughter of white farming families in South Africa.

The government using the Economic Freedom Fighters has initiated new apartheid laws, for example poor white Afrikaners are not allowed to use the food bank.

These racists discriminate against the minority in South Africa: the whites.

The biker rally was organized in a non-racist way. Black and white joined the uprising for the killing fields of South Africa.

The Afrikaner Farmers believe that the farm is attacking and slaughtering white farmers politically inspired and that there is a clear link with the land reforms.

This rationale is reinforced by the fact that the ANC has attempted to implement land reform without coalition partners accelerate and because there is a motion on 1 March 2018 approved to turn farmers' farmland expropriate without compensation.

This just all happens despite the fact that former ANC Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, Gugile Nkwinti, stated on March 2, 2010 that 90% of the ground already reformed just fallow lies (!) So the agricultural plots are completely CANNOT edited and this has disastrous consequences for the quality of the soil.

Stubborn thorn bushes grow very quickly, these bushes are very difficult to remove.

The expropriation was therefore good for nothing and references to the situation of the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe are therefore in place. A scenario that BLM preferably also has in store for the Netherlands, given the agenda of their flapper tap Soros.

In the month of June last 30 farm murders took place.

The magnitude of the problem points out according to it Freedom Front Plus on that certain parts of South Africa already in a state of one low intensity civil or race war are wrong.

Also, the ANC Youth League send a message to the government through incentives for violence to speed up the process of land reform.

Gangs are also rewarded and trained by Soros to invade farms.

The Freedom Front Plus is a political party that stands up for the interests of white Afrikaner farmers.

Often blacks motivate land expropriation and farm attacks by having their land through the Pioneers would have been stolen, but this was taken by King Mswati III of eSwatini invalidated.

This king confirmed that the then king of eSwatini in the 19th century controlled the area, which is now the province of Mpumalanga given by means of barter with cattle, among others.

Former police minister, Nathi Mthethwa, has said farm murders not racist are:

Crime is crime. This has no color or preference. This issue is not related to race or politics. These are simply crimes against South Africans and the government must do everything to prevent this - whether committed by a worker, employer or foreigner - we are investigating this.

On August 24, 2010, the ANC government declared the allegations of whites as genocide NONSENSE labeled and to this day refuses President Cyril Ramaphosa it existence of the placicide to acknowledge.

The current minister of police, Bheki Cele, presented the annual figures in July 2020:

18.162 carjackings

42.289 rapes

21.325 murders

The official figures are not the actual figures, for that matter, according to many South Africans, they are even higher.

In South Africa people live with many different colors.

Everyone has the right to live. Everyone has the right to live in peace.

And people should realize that with the murder of the Afrikaner farmers the food chain of Africa is endangered.

There is one for us humanitarian disaster unparalleled, as South Africa mainly exports food to the rest of the African continent.

The continent that already exists in many places famine knows by the lockdowns and other corona measures.

The land reforms that the South African government is implementing are based on racisme and not on logic.

The statement that the white farmers would manage 75% of the farmland is a blatant lie!

The criminals of the African National Congress own self 75% of the land in South Africa, they want to keep this in their hands purely for it himself, to get rich.

This Marxist scum wants to stay in power out of greed and hatred.

In Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Kimberley, Harrismith, Welkom, Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria, all over South Africa, more than 100.000 bikers took to the streets, often with a large white cross in their hand.

And 41.000 motorcycle club members took their iron studs on their way to Pretoria, where the government is based.

The government that encourages the murder of white people with songs like: 'One bullet, One farmer' and 'Skiet die Boer'

The white crosses were attached to the fence around the Parliament building in Pretoria.

Then there was massive prayers.

In the much smaller Bloemfontein 500 speed demons rumbled together.

Mostly couples on one motorcycle, but also complete families.

In Cape Town, where bikers and many other South Africans also showed up last week, the despotic police once again far beyond his book.

Shots rang out and several bystanders saw a cop pulling his 9mm pistol.

Bikers fell off their bikes and fierce skirmishes ensued.

The crowd chanted: fuck off police !! against the police, because a biker was not allowed to present his petition and was beaten when he complained about it.

Racial tension was in the air because all of the police officers designated by color were black and most of Cape Town's bikers and residents are white.

In Cape Town, the whites form one majority, while in the rest of the country they become one minority properly.

That nevertheless all police officers in this coastal area are black, is therefore conscious so arranged by the government.

18 motorcyclists were arrested for public assault, resisting arrest and foreclosure of justice.

The Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) appreciated the support of the bikers and the Free State Agriculture welcomed the protest against the evil farm killings.

Unfortunately there were again a few days ago three white farmers cut up in their yards. Including a pregnant farmer's wife.

And last night, two South African women were murdered in Polokwone.

Under the 'tax revolt' plan, they are now proceeding to undermine the South African treasury by no longer paying taxes.

Mirrors and beads have proven their worth in times of battles.

Therefore, place full economic sanctions on South Africa for violating human rights !:


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