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12-year-old boy stabbed to death in a migrant ghetto

A 12-year-old boy died of his injuries after being stabbed at a school in the immigrant ghetto Kortedala by a boy of the same age.

Kortedala is a migrant ghetto in the north of Gothenburg.

The boy was stabbed in the neck last Monday in a parking lot one of the 22 “sensitive” areas.

In short: Areas where even the police do not dare to show themselves because they are unsure of their lives because of the aggressive migrants and residents with a non-Western background. (source)

In those areas, the main language is Arabic. And no Swedish. Also no English:

How can it be true that a government continues to import these people when their own services can no longer control them and cause them death and destruction?

Only 2 answers seem possible:

  1. They are crazy and don't notice.
  2. It's part of a plan.
  3. 1 in 2.

So this is what we get back across Europe from the “poor” migrants who need to be received. More than 2 decades of misery, murders, rapes, assaults, robberies on minors and fill in the list.

"But Europeans do such terrible things too!", are the typical counter-arguments.

Of course! Were it not that these people are still a clear minority and yet commit crimes more than ten times as much as the indigenous people. You should check if it would be proportionate. 50/50.

It's sad! Very sad for those people who DO deserve help and are now shaved. And that can be blamed for politics in almost every European country.

But despite all the nasty lists led by these people across Europe, our fantastic leaders have allowed and even encouraged to let these people in. Up to the present day.

Contradiction? Racist!

And television-watching Europe even takes to the streets to stand up for them.

During this Corona crisis, migrants are given extra protection and are more likely to undergo a Corona test than the indigenous people and they do not have to abide by social distancing rules. (source)

Back to the sad case in Gothenburg:

Shortly after the stabbing, the police came to the scene and found the boy on the ground with serious injuries from the knife stabs in his neck and throat.

That same evening, after witnesses were spoken about a tinted boy, the police were able to arrest the perpetrator in his house.

Because the perpetrator is under 15 years old, he cannot be prosecuted in the same way as an adult. Although the investigation is called a "murder investigation," the suspect cannot be convicted of murder.  (source)

The boy was not even arrested. (source)

The so-called LUL-31 investigation will lead to a lawsuit, but that case can only lead to the perpetrator being surrendered to the social services or to be dismissed with a fine. (source)

The nationalist SD and the Moderate Party both want to lower the limit to 13 years instead of 15 years.(source)

It is currently hectic in Sweden. The population is increasingly turning against the Social Democratic President Stefan Löfven.

Thanks to this president, the chance of being attacked as a minor alone boy in the Swedish city of Gothenburg with violence by migrants is higher than the boy coming home wrinkle-free. (source)

Read this article:

The surrender of Sweden to Islam!

Migrants in Sweden also go for their own older people who have built up the country and worked and paid tax all their lives. Retirement homes are being evacuated for complete strangers. (source)

Read more about this here:

Sweden - Oldies evicted from apartment for asylum seekers

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