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120 stitches per day in France

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New figures from the ONDRP (National Observatory of Deliquency and Criminal Responses) show that 120 French people are seriously injured by stabbing incidents every day.

Between 2015 and 2017, 44.000 people were killed.

188.000 people a year claim to have fallen victim to serious violent crimes in France. This public violence mainly takes place in supermarkets, schools, bars, bars and even in police stations.

Allahu Akbar roeper puts a knife on the throat

37% say they have been stabbed with a knife, 34% say they have been worked with stones, tiles or other blunt objects.

The number of murders has risen from 1767 to 3168 in 2018.

The French government calls the phenomenon 'radicalization of behavior'.

But this year has started well for France!

In January of 2020, 140 people were stabbed in France every day. An increase of 21% compared to January 2019!

36.8% more people were taken hostage and 13.7% more people were kidnapped or kidnapped.

There were 21.6% more thefts with a knife. Sexual offenses increased by 14%.

Almost half of the crimes in and around the Paris metro are in the name of foreigners (not including immigrants with a French passport.)


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