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23 killed Norway after vaccine. Older people are better off not using syringes.

23 deaths after vaccination in Norway

Twenty-three people in Norway died within hours to days of receiving their first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, 13 of those deaths - all nursing home patients - apparently related to the side effects of the injections, health officials said. (source)

The European PRAC (Pharmacovigilance Committee) will investigate whether older people should refrain from vaccinations from Pfizer or Moderna.

After driving many people, through the propaganda machine of the media, money and politics, into taking this vaccine, we soon see the disadvantages that don't really outweigh the benefits. The 99,98% chance of survival, for example, if you just leave it to have a syringe punctured in your arm.

Even as elderly, the most vulnerable, it seems better to just leave the vaccine. And the rest of the population would be crazy not to make the right decision. Also think about what it can mean in the longer term. It stays in your body.

We have already published several articles about people who died almost immediately after the vaccine. (source)(source)

Old people. Young people. Of course, the pharmacies say it "has not been proven" that it has to do with the vaccine. Just like corona has never been proven with a PCR. That way we can keep going with this theater.

The Norwegian version of the RIVM:

"For the most vulnerable people, even mild side effects of the vaccine can have serious consequences," according to the Norwegian RIVM in a statement. "For those who already have a very short residual life expectancy, the benefit of the vaccine may be marginal or irrelevant." (source)

De Volkskrant reports:

“Probably the normal, mild side effects of the vaccine were the frail elderly fatal, the Norwegian drug agency confirms on the phone when asked. This concerned very frail people, sometimes in their 90s, the agency emphasizes. Another ten deaths of very old nursing home residents shortly after receiving the vaccine, it was decided not to investigate further: there could just as well be another cause of death. ”

“The concern about side effects comes at an unfortunate moment for our country: after all, on Monday they want to vaccinate the first elderly in nursing homes. That happens with the vaccine from Pfizer, but after that they also want to use the vaccine from Moderna, a vaccine that has more side effects. The Norwegian very elderly were vaccinated with Pfizer's vaccine. ”

We say:


Read the article from De Volkskrant here:


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