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13-year-old teen dies asleep after Covid19 vaccine

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Michigan teen dies after getting COVID-19 vaccine: CDC 'investigating'

A Michigan teen died in his sleep right after being given the "corona vaccine."

It's about the 13 year old Jacob Clynick.

A CDC spokesperson said the matter is under investigation.

“CDC is aware of a 13-year-old boy in Michigan who died after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine”, spokeswoman Jade Fulce wrote in an email. “This case is currently under investigation and until the investigation is completed, it is premature to pinpoint a specific cause of death.”

That's what we hear in any case. The most obvious answer will be: “There is no evidence that…”. That way you keep it simple in the middle.

“When a serious adverse event, such as death, is reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) following COVID-19 vaccination, the CDC requests medical records and reviews all data associated with the case, including death certificates and autopsy reports. ”, she said.

“While some reported side effects may be caused by vaccination, others are not and may have occurred by chance.”

But it is becoming increasingly clear that only a fraction of cases are actually officially listed. Many people will have to deal with this or will have to deal with this in daily life.

This is in contrast to what we have experienced in daily life with the "killer virus" Covid19. We mainly had to deal with the harmful measures than with the virus itself.

Jacob Clynick

dr. Russell Bush, the medical examiner for Saginaw County, said Friday that his office and the Saginaw County health department are also investigating the death of 13-year-old Jacob Clynick of Zilwaukee.

Strikingly, Bush said they couldn't reveal what vaccine Jacob got or when he got it.

“We are currently looking at toxicology, tissue reports, blood work,” said Bush.

“Discussions will take place with the CDC and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. It is clear that everyone is concerned about this matter. We are doing everything we can to test and investigate potential issues related to the young man's death.”

Bush said it will be "a fair amount of time" before that work is done and the test results come back.

Jacob Clynick

The teen was buried on June 26. It's tragic and it was unnecessary.

According to his obituary on he loved gaming and pokemon. Jacob stood “known for his jokes and had a meme for every occasion. But what he really loved the most was his family.”the obituary said.

His family apparently ignored the warnings about these vaccines and allowed their minor child to undergo this experimental gene therapy.

Federal officials have warned of a rare side effect of some COVID-19 vaccines: chest pain and heart inflammation, mostly among teens and young adults. But is it really that rare?

Last week, an Austrian school doctor warned that he has "never been so busy" with injected children who developed heart problems.

According to official figures in America, there are 323 confirmed reports of heart inflammation in people under the age of 30. So that only concerns this specific side effect. The total number of deaths is now in the thousands.

Nobody knows what it does to a person in the long run. Taking the risk is absurd. The advantages do not outweigh the disadvantages at all. Only people over 70 or people with certain conditions are in the risk group. But those people are in a risk group for every virus and every disease. That's life. It's always been that way.

In the Detroit News article, a heart specialist says:

“The risk of this is much lower than the risk of COVID”said Dr. Brian Feingold, a heart specialist at the University of Pittsburgh.

This is a vilely misleading statement. Does the child get covid? It recovers and its natural defense system does the rest. Then there is nothing to worry about. So for children and people up to and including 50 years old, the vaccine is certainly more dangerous than corona. The numbers are there. Virtually no people between the ages of 60 and 70 die from Covid. So what are we talking about here and why isn't this going into a lot of people?

Why are the most logical explanations and solutions suddenly conspiracies?

Exceptions, yes. They are always there. But very sporadically. Do people realize how high the average age of death is from this so-called coronavirus? And what does that mean? About 82 to 83 years. That is the average life expectancy of humans. They are their own numbers. No one reading this has lost a healthy person. Be honest with yourself. Just a few, a handful, out of 17.5 million people. Many think they have had it but are not sure and the PCR is not good and serves as a money machine. You are being cheated day in and day out with high seeming numbers of dying elderly when, sad as it is, it is the same every year. And those figures are incorrectly included, and are therefore misused to mislead you by stating that there are more corona deaths than vaccine deaths. yes bye! We're not all crazy not to see that it has nothing to do with it at all.

This data should immediately wake everyone up. But we thought that a year and a half ago. People seem to ignore it en masse for one reason or another or do not understand what these numbers say. The figures say that there is nothing wrong and that the so-called Covid19 virus, completely wrongly, is now on the A-list in the Netherlands and is wrongly something we have to worry about every day.

The fear, the attention to this, the indoctrination and unremitting propaganda. All unaccountable. Yet the House of Representatives voted in favor to make this fluff virus an A-disease so that they can tell you everything when the "virus comes back". And because half the country has blinders on, these crimes against humanity can be committed. Because they don't even realize it and even ask for it themselves.

Take any other virus, magnify that virus in the media, day after day, and you create a pandemic for the people. They could also have done with the influenza. Whatever year.

Three children, dear friends, three minors in the Netherlands have died of corona in two flu seasons. All three had underlying conditions. You understand that before corona, a number of children always die from the flu every year?

Do you die from corona under the age of 50? Nearly impossible. 0,8%. The number of deaths under 50 is so small that they have made the category 0 to 49. Otherwise the number of deaths is too small to display in a graph. They say it themselves. (source)

What they have done over the past year and a half is to unnecessarily magnify the elderly who die because it was their time. They did not die of corona. They died with corona. That is how it works. That's how it has always been, only no one came up with the absurd idea to report this daily through the media and to put down a President who scares the whole country by threatening with death.

Average age 83 years. It is a pity that most cannot immediately see for themselves what that high average age means and says about this virus. And what it says about the absurd measures.

This is like trying to kill a cockroach with an atomic bomb.

And why do we keep insisting on this? Not to prove us right. Everyone normally has to think what he or she wants. That's what we're all for. But maintaining this circus is destroying our country and its citizens. Take some emotional distance and look at things objectively. You will be awake in an instant.

Stakeholder health officials just keep downplaying it:

“The facts are clear: This is an extremely rare side effect, and only a very small number of people will experience it after vaccination. Importantly, for those who do, most cases are mild and individuals often recover on their own or with minimal treatment.” according to the statement from US government health officials.

It will. But this boy had no chance of dying from covid. It is the experimental “vaccine” that ended his life. Completely unnecessary.



School doctor warns you as a parent: Several children have heart problems after vaccination

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