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15.503 Covid deaths, is that right?

The MSM, commissioned by the RIVM, wants us to believe that 15.503 people have already died of Covid-19 after exactly one year. But this turns out to be pure manipulation.

After all, nothing could be further from the truth. However, an additional part of the message makes us brainwash that the number would be vastly higher if no draconian measures had been taken.

Just before the elections, honk the trumpet again for Mark and Hugo, prompted by a number of veterinarians who have been promoted to virologists and some other narcissists within RIVM and OMT.

How should you view this?

An ordinary flu wave is limited to a few months during the winter. Say roughly between November and March. The next wave a year later, again from November. The figures are kept for each wave, but never added together.
Now, February 27, we are exactly 1 year and 2 waves further and everything is added together. The first wave is said to have claimed approximately 6000 human lives and the second approximately 9500 due to corona. In comparison, in the winter of 2017/2018, 9444 people died from the common flu. Not seen Mark, not Hugo and not even Ab Osterhaus, not closed a pub, school or hairdresser. Mouth masks and 1,5 meters were nicht im Frage.

The flu seems to have been defeated for the first time this year, not by the inoperative flu syringes (not working, because the flu mutates every year) but by cousin Covid-19, both a corona virus. If you previously had flu symptoms, you would stay at home. You had the flu and you were so sociable not to needlessly infect others. Intelligent mortals. Yet an average of 6.000 people died of the flu every year. The immensely feared swine flu turned out to be a harmless variant, for which millions of unused vaccines had been purchased through the intercession of injection guru Osterhaus, of which Ab was financially well supplied.

What has been known for decades during the flu period is also now a fact of the covid outbreak: very old people and people with underlying ailments or illnesses, which have weakened resistance, are the main victims.
Almost always people died with, rarely from the covid virus.

Then proudly proclaiming that the measures have resulted in fewer deaths than if everything had run its course, as with any flu, is violating the truth. Many corona patients were treated incorrectly in the ICUs. On the stomach on the oxygen no one cures from a virus. HCQ with indeed potentially unpleasant side effects or Invermectin with fewer or no side effects could have prevented many deaths. But these tried and tested medicines were not allowed by the pharma-controlled RIVM employees and were therefore banned.

If the successive Ministers of Health had been top professionals and pursued a long-term policy, they would have been preventive productive. Then something was done very specifically against obesity, the population was advised to take enough vitamins C and D in addition to zinc and selenium supplements at least in the winter periods.
The VAT on healthy food was also lowered from 6 to 0% and unhealthy, such as sweet, salt, fat, tobacco, alcohol and products with nasty E-numbers, was upgraded to at least 25%.

Coming back to those 15.503 covid deaths, there are far fewer of them for reasons above and a sum of 2 waves. But not unimportantly: nowhere are figures to be found of deaths thanks to the measures against covid. People who did not receive medical help because they did not have a covid (yet), people who died of grief because they were not allowed to see, touch or cuddle their children or grandchildren. Even long-term life partners were kept separate if one of them was hospitalized for any reason. And do not underestimate the number of suicides as a result of the measures. Because stress, depression and hopelessness have a significant impact.

Then hastily cobbled together vaccines would be the solution? Vaccinated would provide false security to the lied. After all, the coverage is not 100% and after a year everyone has to spray again, because covid-19 is suddenly called covid-21, so it has mutated. These mutations already exist: the English, African and Brazilian variants have been heavily overestimated from the start.

In our oh-so-democratic country, no one is forced to take the pharma cocktail. No, not forced, but blackmailed. Whether there is a vaccination pass (something like a positive Star of David: “I have been vaccinated, I am allowed to go to the theater, to the pub, abroad”) non-vaccinated people will be restricted and put away as asos. Because that kind of slavishly muzzled government loyalists have to stay in lockdown longer, suffer from curfews and still be afraid of being infected.

But aren't those poor sheep protected by the experimental syringes? Why then do the injected people still have to wear masks and observe a distance of one and a half meters? Do I miss something? Am I making half a fallacy? Or should I cautiously conclude that quite a few policymakers and advisers are partly to blame for quite a few unnecessary body-unfriendly injections and deaths? Then they would be complicit in culpable death. Crazy thought right! Would there be another Member of Parliament other than Pieter Omtzigt, who will not be silenced? Who is not bound by the strangling fraction discipline?

Is there still hope?



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