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150 additional corona infections in Italy - the Netherlands “wait a little longer”

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UPDATE: 215 dead and

150 Corona infections have been detected in a short time.

In the meantime 3 people have died. (source)

Political commentator Tarl Warwick recently said:

"You're going to see that a lot of people haven't prepared for the Corona outbreak and then - if it's too late - run to the store to stock up on supplies, to be greeted by empty store shelves."

That is what is now happening in Lombardy, where infections have been detected. Residents without emergency supplies in the house race to the store, resulting in peak crowds at the most unusual moments and empty shelves.

The authorities have closed 12 villages and the army is preparing to receive corona patients.

Carnival and football games have been canceled, universities closed and authorities are looking for an alleged “super spreader” (someone who infects many people).

The Dutch government is working hard not to take any additional measures for the time being. (source)

The RIVM is prepared and has set up a so-called Outbreak Management Team.

Source: RTL

For the time being, we have to google ourselves how the people should prepare themselves. There are more important things. People are busy with the rise of racism and fascism in the Netherlands.

Shops in corona outbreak areas empty:

Chinese man gives free hugs in the fight against corona discrimination, in Italy.

Measures by the Italian government against the spread of coronavirus

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