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15 right-wing parties decide cooperation in the European Parliament

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Right-wing faction largest in the EU

Politicians, they're not going to get us out of here. There was a time when articles like this hit like a bomb. But after a year and a half of crisis, we have all learned a lot. Especially about politicians and humanity. Still, this is striking news. What is also striking to see is that the Spanish party VOX is able to rally more and more people behind it.

VOX is an ultra-nationalist party with an agenda very similar to Donald Trump's America First agenda.

Less than 3 years ago, no one from the party had heard of VOX. Now they are the 3rd party in Spain and the party continues to grow.

Short impression VOX:


The source of the following article is and the translation comes from EJSource:

Fundamentally wrong target

It is a political thunderclap, which, for understandable reasons, has barely been covered by the established media: last Friday in the European Parliament, the 16 main right-wing and nationally conservative parties of Europe issued a joint statement (“Appeal for the future of Europe ”) and agreed on a common political course.

Because – unlike in comparable earlier cases – the Hungarian ruling party Fidesz also belongs to the new alliance, which until recently belonged to the Christian Democratic group of the EPP in the European Parliament, the new alliance would soon be decisive in the balance in the European Parliament. can change. It is the joint aim of the alliance to become the largest political group in the European Parliament.

In the joint statement, the enormously wrong developments of current EU politics are called by name and the important importance of competences of nation states is underlined.

The head of the Austrian FPÖ, Herbert Kickl, stated that it would be a "fundamentally wrong goal" to abolish most of the member states and want to create a European superstate.

Herbert Kickl

“With our new alliance, we will fight hard against this, stand up for an eye-level cooperation of countries and demand cooperation in friendship and mutual respect – with more direct democracy as well as upgraded competences of the parliaments in the member states”said Kickl.

Ja21 initially also joined but have withdrawn.


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