Sham debate between Mark Rutte and Frans Timmermans

During the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, Frans Timmermans and Mark Rutte, among others, were invited for a “debate”.
It became a schijndebate between these two about the Green Deal and other climate madness.
A toe curling spectacle of the globalist and the useful idiot who want the world to believe that humanity will perish without their genius plans.
  Mark Rutte, the man who has made an enormous effort for the European Union and for the Green Deal Timmermans contradicts once a meaningless detail. Rutte knows that the media is not going to translate this conversation, but only briefly. What is also striking in this special conversation is that at the end of this “debate” you have not become any wiser. It is not about anything. The only thing that can be inferred from this is what a hoax this one "Climate crisis" is. For almost 20 minutes it has been a back and forth conversation about support, burden sharing, economic growth and other meaningless general terms. Timmermans' contempt for the population is dire.  In all its limitations: “Doomsday thinking will not help us. Realism is! ” “So we have to follow science. And science is now explicit and relatively undisputed. ” en "You know, there will always be people who say the Earth is flat."  During the whole conversation Frans Timmermans talks disrespectfully about the citizens. They, the great leaders, have to show them, the bastards, that this is necessary. The common man should know that they are "Not having to live in caves and eat grass." en "We're not doing this for the planet, we're doing this for humanity." Timmermans wants "Creating a new balance between the planet and ourselves."  Then Mark Rutte who talks about the support in the Netherlands. Dutch citizens have had no say whatsoever in the climate policy. They have not been able to exert influence or have the opportunity to make themselves heard what they think of these far-reaching measures. First, the referendum is conveniently abolished. After that, the elections are won by the  FvD and out of fear, the climate plans are suddenly pushed through at lightning speed, even before the Senate was installed. It is estimated that this globe is 3.8 billion years old. How serious is it that these people have managed to make the world believe that they are going to regulate the climate? And how do people fall for it? It is a smokescreen to realize the globalists' sanctuary Europe. Timmermans has been kept away from substantive discussions about the climate for years, because he falls short there. We have seen that happen before. (source YouTube) De Pope concludes that he finds it inspiring how the indoctrinated children play truant and take to the streets to demonstrate against CO2 and for the climate.  "Get rid of CO2!" Bah! Here the full debate on The YouTube channel of W. Clerk: (Incidentally, a small channel that certainly deserves more attention!)

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