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2 dead and 94 injured by police brutality (note: shocking images!)

Protests in the Peruvian capital Lima continue. However, police violence against the protesters is on the rise. Last night, the protesters wanted to advance to the congress building but came across a wall of heavily armed police who then forcefully stopped the demonstrators.


Police used tear gas bombs and batons and protesters pelted the police with stones. The police responded by also throwing stones at the protesters. There would also have been shooting. But yes, the police were safely entrenched behind a wall of shields. That does not apply to the protesters. The police brutality injured 94 people and killed 2 young men. 21 people are missing.

Friends take care of one of the injured:



Symbolic burning of the coffin containing the dictator:


A young man asks in vain if they don't want to use force:






These guys had to die …….



That look like bullet holes:



The situation is now so out of hand that the entire new ministerial team has resigned. Today a meeting was to take place between the new dictator and the army command. But the latter did not show up.

In the meantime, the army command has stated in a letter that they support the Peruvian people and not the self-proclaimed president.

Today too, the whole day is dominated by massive demonstrations.


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