Minister of Emancipation wants: “Tackle sexist toys”

toy emancipation,

Read 5 We are going after France, in this area. From next year, the classification 'boys' and 'girls' will be banned in toy stores. It is therefore no longer allowed to advertise per gender in brochures. The staff in toy stores will soon no longer be allowed to ask customers whether it is 'for a boy or a girl?' is. In addition […]

Pencil vendor Joe Biden

Read 7 Joe Biden (76) is a potential Democratic presidential candidate. He was vice president under Barack Obama. Donald Trump calls him "Sleepy Joe" and some other fans call him "Creepy Joe." Bubba the Love Sponge wrote a song for Joe Biden. Listen to Joe Biden's aubade here. Pencil peddler Joe Biden in action […]

Using children to push a political agenda is unscrupulous!

Read 5 “Is there no one in your circles who doesn't frown every now and then at these kinds of matters?” “Who is surprised that Greta in New York generated more attention than the world leaders in attendance?” “Who believes that for someone of her age she is a […]

EJBron about climate girl Greta

Read 4 Girl Greta, who spoke at the UN summit, has ties to Antifa, like her parents. At the UN summit, girl Greta gave what I see as a hate speech. Why a child is allowed to speak there at all is beyond me, but now it turns out that in addition to her personal adviser being employed by Soros, Greta […]

Partisan judges stop Boris Johnson

Read 1 Boris Johnson sent Parliament home with the Queen's permission. But now the Constitutional Court has declared the Queen's consent VOID. And with it the suspension of Parliament. However, the Constitutional Court is controversial and does not fit within the British Parliamentary tradition. It was only in 2009 that the Court was […]

Jihadis receive a Dutch passport back

Read 1 Five Syrians have officially regained Dutch citizenship. They are also no longer an unwanted person. "At the request of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND), the withdrawal of citizenship in comparable cases has now also been reversed," the Ministry of Justice and Security said. The jihadists had joined banned groups in […]

Seat robber and pawnbroker Haga (VVD) not at FvD

Read 2 Seat robber and pawnbroker Haga (VVD) is not allowed by Thierry at FvD Haga was expelled from the VVD, after activities as a pawnbroker. Haga had already hinted at wanting to join FvD, but is rejected by Thierry. “We don't like seat robbers”, says Baudet Mr. Haga can still choose […]

36.4% of benefit recipients in Germany are non-citizens

Read 0 36.4% of benefit recipients in Germany are non-citizens, many of whom are Syrian, Turkish, Iraqi and Afghan. More than 40% of foreigners are unemployed, but that percentage is artificially reduced by not counting unemployed course participants. The German government published these figures at the request of Alternative für Deutschland (AfD).

Baudet kicks out extreme right-wing hooligans at FvD drinks

Read 10 The hate-mongering thirties bralls are now on the blacklist. Thierry Baudet says that the two white nationalists had sneaked in secretly at the drinks. In an email sent to the top of the Forum for Democracy last Sunday, he calls them: 'BULLETS!!' He also writes that he wants to do everything he can to […]

Emergency button for niqab carriers

Read 3 The Turkish Zaandammer Ismael Ilgun, bully vlogger, is participating in the development of an app especially for niqab wearers: 'Safety4Her'. In the video HERE you can see how a woman in niqab is harassed by a white man. The man does not want her to take the bus because of her banned face-covering clothing since August 1, 2019. […]