Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Her Story of Islam

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was a member of the Lower House for the VVD from 2002 to 2006. In 2007 she founded the AHA Foundation, an international organization for women's rights. Since 2013 she has the American nationality. Ayaan is, just like Geert Wilders, on Al Qaida's death list. Ayaan was a practicing Muslim for half her life and explains […]

Hope for Europe! The Czech Republic also refuses EU migration policy

The Czech Republic no longer listens to the redistribution plans of migrants drawn up by the European Union. The Czech Republic is also fed up with insane, dangerous and unnecessary mass immigration. Czech Prime Minister Adren Babis reiterated this and also confirmed that they will refuse any new EU quota system. Earlier this month, Germany proposed to introduce another […]

Minors in The Hague - Perpetrator not found yet

All three victims of the stabbing last night are minors, according to the Hague police. They were released from the hospital late last night. Furthermore, it is still unknown what exactly injuries they suffered. The stabbing was around 19:45 PM on the Grote Markt in The Hague in front of the Hudson Bay department store. Panic ensued and the […]

Spontaneous applause for Thierry Baudet at Pauw

And that was not quite the intention, it seemed! Thierry Baudet was the guest of Pauw today. We have recorded it for those who have already thrown the television out of the window. Of course old cows were taken out of the ditch again. Henk Otten had to be discussed again and even a tweet from Thierry […]

"Tinted man" stabs 3 random people

In the Grote Marktstraat in The Hague, a stabbing just took place in which several people were injured. Many emergency services and the police are now on the scene and so far it concerns 3 victims who have been (seriously) injured. It is late night shopping in The Hague and then it is quite busy in […]

Highlights Thierry Baudet vs. Mark Rutte Iraq debate

Watch here all the interruptions and contributions of Thierry Baudet of the Forum for Democracy during the Iraq debate. A motion of no confidence has been filed against Mark Rutte, but it was rejected. This man will soon go to the climate summit in Madrid to sign at various crosses. Rutte, the VVD and the party cartel in particular attract the Netherlands […]

The true face of Angela Merkel

An excerpt from a speech by Angela Merkel in the Bundestag. The problem with freedom of speech would only exist on a very small scale had we not given in to deadly mass immigration in the Western world. Because the imported non-western migrants have a completely different and backward culture they will never have our tolerance and […]

Scandalous! “That doesn't matter to me,” says Minister of Justice Sweden

Morgan Jonansson replied that during a parliamentary debate on the increasing gang rapes and robberies as a result of his party's immigration policy the Social Democrats. During this debate, Richard Jomshof of the common sense party Sverigedemokraterna (Swedish Democrats) read a number of headlines such as: “112 children robbed in Gothenburg ”,“ 50 young people (migrants) hold Växjö hostage ”[…]

Review the full Iraq debate again November 27, 2019

Watch here the entire Iraq debate from 27 November 2019 and the vote of no confidence. The House is debating with Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Bijleveld of Defense about the report that the Prime Minister would have been informed about the 70 civilian deaths in Iraq. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcxBEhGEHT8

Crew is no longer allowed. It is "manning"!

Do you think it can't get any crazier in the Netherlands, a D66 madman walks up to the microphone during the debate about the staff shortage at the police. Recently we already had NU.nl in which they spoke about houses that were “white” because of the rain instead of “white”. […]

Motion of distrust against Mark Rutte rejected

Despite all the lies, the motion of no confidence against Mark Rutte has been rejected. These are the parties that voted in favor of the motion of no confidence: SP Party for the Animals Think Van Kooten-Arissen 50Plus PVV Forum for Democracy. 48 of the 150 seats. Motion rejected. Groen Links voted against the motion despite Jesse Klaver's ardent argument. […]

Measure with two sizes!

Measuring with two standards is a very recognizable phenomenon in today's society, our politicians are very adept at this, because if racist statements are made during a football match, then of course our House of Representatives is on its back legs, but as soon as the necessary incidents take place within our society, it gives […]

Globalists among themselves: Von der Leyen believes in Timmermans

The unelected incoming committee chair Ursula Von der Leyen said on Wednesday that she and her team will give the green light to allow Frans Timmermans to win the Green Deal. “The fight against climate change is an existential issue for the new European Commission. A 'Green Deal' to make Europe climate neutral by 2050 is therefore […]

African migrants attack trucker

A gang of at least 12 migrants attacked a truck driver with machetes, spears and metal objects on Wednesday while he was sleeping in the parking lot of the E40 highway in Walshoutem, Belgium. The driver woke up to a rustling sound from his trailer. (source) After he got out of his truck to see what happened […]

Donald Trump calls Fox News

A summary of Donald Trump's extensive telephone conversation with Fox News last weekend. The conversation was of course mainly about the impeachment circus. This investigation and the interrogations were so absurd and insane that it is hard to believe that this is all real. Here are the highlights from that telephone conversation. We subtitled it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=235&v=LnCnbfXwLFg […]

Again rape by migrants in Germany

It hits every day and unfortunately again. This is the reality. Posting these kinds of messages every time is no fun. But it must be seen. People need to wake up and realize what world we live in and how it will only get worse and worse if we don't act quickly. Of the […]

German migrant raises money for “Muslim Only” pool

A man with a migrant background from Frankfurt is raising money to open a swimming pool just for Muslims. Abdullah Zeran from Frankfurt, where a mother and her child were recently thrown in front of the train by a “model immigrant” (source), says he is busy getting people excited about this and he can […]

The JP Show - Is Baba Yaga A Racist?

Episode 12 of the JP Show and the 2nd episode for CommonSenseTV. In this episode I am talking about Baba Yaga. A so-called Surinamese stand-up comedian. He's been acting quite racist lately. I am also talking about the other Baba, namely Robert Jensen. And I have a nice video […]

Frans Timmermans - 2 tasks for the destruction of Europe

Ohoh .. CommonSense .. Do you call Frans Timmermans a psychopath? Yes. Let them get angry. Gone are the days when we called these dangerous people confused men. When you know what Frans has in store for Europe, you can conclude that this person has no sympathy or empathy for his fellow citizens in Europe. This man […]

Migrant Crisis 2.0 - Greece is losing control of migrants

Last weekend, more than 1.350 migrants again arrived on the Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. This is bad news for Greece because the asylum centers on the Greek islands are already massively overcrowded and the criminality of the migrants can no longer be controlled. According to the Greek Coast Guard, there are […]

The Hiddemeister - Solutions for asylum seekers

The influx of migrants just keeps going and the Ministry of Justice and Security keeps failing and failing. The Chamber is sticking its head in the sand for the insecurity in our country. Theo Hiddema proposes to tackle this through three concrete motions: ensuring that asylum seekers do not receive legal aid during procedures without prospects, […]

US gets 0 asylum seekers in October: ZERO! Media is furious!

Since Donald Trump entered the White House, the number of asylum seekers received annually in the US has fallen sharply. In fiscal year 2018, 45.000 people were received (October 2017 to September 2018). In the past fiscal year, there were only 30.000. (October 2018 to September 2019) For the next fiscal year […]

Youtube removes abuse video Gorinchem

Youtube has just removed our video in which we indicate that there should be no two measures against racism. It shows the video where a group of younger immigrants completely beat up a Dutch boy. See the article about this case here: No to racism. But do not measure with 2 sizes! We got […]