2020: 1000% more Africans invaded Europe

Dozens and dozens of boats and other vessels lie on the beach in Gran Canaria.

A record number of migrants have managed to enter Europe through the Spanish islands in the past year.

Many boats are still full of personal belongings such as clothing and waste and especially life jackets. Left behind by the asylum seekers.

Many fishermen complain about the boats CANNOT are being cleaned up and that they are now rotting and sinking to the bottom of the sea.

That is why it was decided to turn the port of Arinaga into a cemetery.

A cemetery where all hundreds of boats are transported.

The archipelago, which is only 100 km from North Africa, received in 2020 17.000 Africans visiting. Visit that immediately decided to stay forever.

This is ten times as many as in 2019.

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De half of those 17.000 intruders arrived in the month October of 2020.

For example, on October 8 there came 1.000 Africans entered Spain and early November 1.600 copies in one weekend.

Most were Senegalese.

Senegal located 1.600 km from Spain.

This welcome route from West Africa has been around since 2018 has grown enormously in popularity.

The young men are immediately received and driven to Las Palmas by luxury coaches where they can knock at the consulate.

The previous peak occurred in 2006, when 35.000 black men marched into Europe through the Canary Islands.



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