Lawyer Baudet: VPRO has made faux pas

Barendrecht lawyer Dirk Vermaat represents politician Thierry Baudet in preliminary relief proceedings against the TV program Buitenhof. Baudet demands rectification from the VPRO, because he was incorrectly quoted by presenter Nathalie Righton last Sunday "The VPRO just made a faux pas." says Vermaat. “It is a good thing that a judge agrees […]

Frank conversation Yves Gijrath and Thierry Baudet

A pleasant conversation between Thierry Baudet and Yves Gijrath This podcast was made in the autumn of 2019 but has not been heard by many people. It is a conversation of more than an hour. People talk about politics, but also about the person Thierry Baudet himself and his private life. For the first time, Yves receives […]

Erdogan OPENT lock gates: Millions of Syrians walk into Europe

According to a deal, Erdogan would receive 6.6 billion euros if he managed to keep the Syrian migrants stranded in Turkey within Turkish borders. But Erdogan is now angry that a Syrian airstrike took place that killed 33 Turkish soldiers in Idlib. Erdogan immediately demanded the rest of the […]

Donald Trump wins battle against Democratic judges

In the US, the judges of the Supreme Court and Federal Districts are appointed by the President and approved by the Senate. Since taking office, Trump has filled many vacant judicial positions with judges who advocate constitutional, conservative, and / or nationalist beliefs. Because during the Trump Presidency many judges are […]

White slaves are dominated by black slave traders in the new BBC series

The BBC is going to launch a new series on TV in which blacks are the slave drivers and whites are the submissive slaves. The BBC thinks it is time for a wake-up call for white Britons: “White Britons are often against globalization. This must change. ” The 'social justice' propaganda 'Noughts and Crosses' implies that the white […]

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First Corona infection in the Netherlands

In the hospital in Tilburg is a man with the Corona virus. The RIVM reports: Tonight, # COVID19 was established in a patient in the Netherlands. The diagnosis has been confirmed with lab tests. The GGD has started a contact investigation. More information: #ncov # patient #virus - RIVM (@rivm) February 27, 2020 The patient was recently in Lombardy in […]

Buitenhof before the court on 11 March for ruling on Baudet

The summary proceedings that Forum voor Democracy leader Thierry Baudet has brought against the VPRO, will be brought before the court in Lelystad on 11 March. The case was supposed to occur next week, but has been moved. Baudet demands rectification for statements made about him in the TV program Buitenhof. Presenter Natalie Righton, who made her debut with the […]

And our fishermen are no longer allowed to fish ...

In order to make the Dutch even harder, there are plans to ram the North Sea with 22.000 concrete piles for the windmills. A total environmental disaster in the making. Why is that really not a good idea? The tender for the construction was won by coincidence by the Dutch Boskales. ( The 22.000 concrete […]

Bolshevik Bernie fantasizes “rape 12-year-old girls attractive”

Bernie Sanders won the Nevada caucus last Saturday. South Carolina will be next Saturday. Bernie Sanders has momentum! Super Tuesday is just around the corner and Bolshevik Bernie is winning…. !!…. ?? The Democrats are fighting hard for Presidential nomination. It's going to be ordinary mud throwing and all kinds of corpses come out of the […]

Migration: Trump repels benefit recipients

Until last Monday, an immigrant could only be rejected if his income was below 125% of the poverty line. But since this week it has become a lot stricter and many more factors are being looked at. Among other things, age, health, language skills, credit score (do you have debts?), Insurance and whether you have received benefits in the past […]

Democrat Buttigieg has 9-year-old come out of the closet

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg held a campaign rally on Saturday night. The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, spoke to 9-year-old Zachary Ro at the event in Denver, Colorado. The child took the stage to ask Pete Buttigieg a question. Zach asked Buttigieg how he could best come out of the closet? The 9-year-old […]

Telegraaf: Conscious embracing is a myth and Thierry a racist

Kitty Herweijer wrote a column in De Telegraaf (Volkskrant 2.0) today, in which she accuses Thierry Baudet of racism, sensation seeking and conspiracy thinking. She is on the defensive of Omtzigt, Asscher and Jetten for attacking Baudet after Thierry talked about the EU's DEMOGRAPHIC plans. When for those figures in […]

"Stay in Mexico policy" prevents illegal immigrants from giving birth in the US

The US is one of the few countries in the world to have Birthright citizenship (if you were born here, you are automatically US Citizens). The Trump administration has wanted to abolish birthright citizenship for a long time, because pregnant illegal immigrants abuse this by having their child on American soil: In other words, an illegally present mother gives birth to a […]

RTL News spreads fake news about the German attacker

RTL Nieuws reported on the attack that was committed in Volksmarsen in Germany today. A car ran into a carnival parade. About 30 people were injured, including mainly children. Source: Duits-staatsburger-rijdt-opzettelijk-op-carnavalsoptocht-in/ Despite the explicit warning from the Nordhessen Police not to share the spread of fake news, RTL did. In this Tweet, the police reported […]

Come to Rutger Groot Wassink's Yoga paradise!

In addition to the 13 million euros spent on shelter places for illegal immigrants, it appears that tax money is also going to other facilities for the undocumented migrants who have exhausted all legal remedies. "We already knew that Amsterdam has spent 13 million euros on reception places for 500 illegal immigrants who have exhausted all legal remedies." said Annabel Nanninga. “Now it appears that extra millions of us […]

German citizen deliberately drives into carnival parade

(Update 25/02/20 0:20) The perpetrator is 29-year-old Maurice P. according to the authorities. Another man ran after the car to film everything. This 27-year-old man was also arrested. The perpetrators are said to have no political motive but have acted under the influence of drugs and alcohol. (source) In Volksmarsen in Hessen is a director of […]

Bizarre response from RTL News on complaint about color obsession

On Twitter we came across a striking Tweet with an email exchange between Beppie and RTL as an attachment. She filed a complaint with RTL Nieuws in response to a news article by Erik Mouthaan. By default, Mouthaan uses the term white when talking about white people in all of his articles and contributions. (source) (source) (source) Beppie (twitter name) received from […]

Customer beats waitress because she serves him coffee with left hand

A bizarre incident took place in Nantes on 20 February. A 25-year-old man threw his hot coffee in the face of a waitress and he hit her when she tried to walk away. The reason? The victim had served him his coffee with her left hand. He told the police that the waitress with the […]

120 stitches per day in France

New figures from the ONDRP (National Observatory of Deliquency and Criminal Responses) show that 120 French people are seriously injured every day by stabbing incidents. Between 2015 and 2017, 44.000 people were cut. 188.000 people a year claim to have been victims of serious violent crimes in France. This public act of violence mainly takes place […]

Trump almost stroke after Boris Johnson deal with Huawei

Donald Trump nearly suffered a stroke after learning that Boris Johnson's approved the Huawei deal on 5G. Johnson thinks it's a good idea that China comes to tinker with British mobile networks. When Trump heard about this deal, he became enraged and reached for his phone. An employee and witness to the […]

Corona patients flew back without permission Donald Trump

Trump has been furious since he was told that 14 corona sufferers have been flown back to the US without his permission. He would rather have quarantined them overseas to stop the spread of the disease. Officials had failed to inform the President of this flight in advance. Without Trump's permission, the […]

Kick Out Zwarte Piet is going to check carnival people for racial hatred

The call by Kick Out Zwarte Piet (KOZP) to combat RACISM with carnival is fodder for anger on social media. In a burka you are not allowed to appear in the party tent, but a pregnant nun in the front of the polonaise is no problem according to these hate mongers. Kick Out Zwarte Piet finds an Indian costume racism, […]