Migration: Trump repels benefit recipients

Read 2 Until last Monday, an immigrant could only be rejected if his income was below 125% of the poverty line. But since this week it is a lot stricter and many more factors are being looked at. These include age, health, language skills, credit score (do you have debts?), insurance and whether you have a […]

Democrat Buttigieg has 9-year-old come out of the closet

Read 2 Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg held a campaign rally Saturday night. The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, spoke with 9-year-old Zachary Ro at the event in Denver, Colorado. The kid was on stage to ask Pete Buttigieg a question. Zach asked Buttigieg how best to "come out"? […]

Telegraaf: Conscious embracing is a myth and Thierry a racist

Read 14 Kitty Herweijer wrote a column in the Telegraaf (Volkskrant 2.0) today, in which she accuses Thierry Baudet of racism, sensation seeking and conspiracy thinking. She is on the defensive for Omtzigt, Asscher and Jetten, for the fact that they attacked Baudet after Thierry talked about the DEMOGRAPHIC plans of the EU. When you go for that […]

"Stay in Mexico policy" prevents illegal immigrants from giving birth in the US

Read 7 As one of the few countries in the world, the US has Birthright citizenship (if you were born here, you are automatically US Citizens). The Trump administration has long wanted to abolish Birthright citizenship, because pregnant illegals abuse it by having their child on American soil: In other words, an illegally present mother gives birth […]

RTL News spreads fake news about the German attacker

Read 1 RTL Nieuws reported on the attack that was committed in Germany in Volksmarsen today. A car crashed into a carnival parade. About 30 people were injured, most of them children. Source: https://commonsensetv.nl/duitse-staatsburger-rides-opzettelijk-op-carnavalsoptocht-in/ Despite explicit warning from the Nordhessen Police not to share the spread fake news, RTL did. In this Tweet, […]

Come to Rutger Groot Wassink's Yoga paradise!

Read 5 In addition to the 13 million euros that are spent on shelters for illegal immigrants, it appears that tax money also goes to other facilities for the undocumented migrants who have exhausted all legal remedies. “We already knew that Amsterdam has spent 13 million euros on shelters for 500 illegal immigrants who have exhausted all legal remedies.” said Annabel Nanninga. “Now it turns out that there are additional millions […]

German citizen deliberately drives into carnival parade

Read 2 (Update 25-02-20 0:20) The perpetrator is 29-year-old Maurice P. according to the authorities. Another man ran after the car to film everything. This 27-year-old man was also arrested. The perpetrators are said to have had no political motive but acted under the influence of drugs and alcohol. (source) In Volksmarsen in Hesse, a […]

Bizarre response from RTL News on complaint about color obsession

Read 11 On Twitter we came across a striking Tweet with an email exchange between Beppie and RTL as an attachment. She filed a complaint with RTL Nieuws in response to a news article by Erik Mouthaan. Mouthaan uses the term white by default when he talks about white people in all his articles and contributions. (source) (source) (source) Beppie (twitter name) […]

Customer beats waitress because she serves him coffee with left hand

Read 3 A bizarre incident took place on 20 February in Nantes. A 25-year-old man threw his hot coffee in the face of a waitress and he punched her as she tried to run away. The reason? The victim had served him his coffee with her left hand. He told the police that the waitress […]