VIDEO: Nigel Farage on lockdown, 5G and China

Nigel Farage on the lockdown, China and the Corona virus. Treat the citizens with respect. Don't lock them up. NO house arrest. "With the exception of a few fools, everyone knows what to do!" DO NOT give too much power to the government! “We are locked up at home with dozens of flights arriving daily from Italy, the US and others […]

Column: “Q” and the DEEP STATE

We, at CommonSense TV, always check what's going on in the comments. Yesterday we noticed an interesting thread about “Qanon”: An Insider within the US Government who would leak cryptic secrets to the outside world about the Deep State. The Deep State has fascinated me for a long time. The Deep State, as I have it […]

Funeral sector Belgium: Fewer people died than last March

According to the funeral sector in Belgium, fewer people died in March this year than during the flu peak in March last year. In Belgium, at the time of this writing, 513 people have now died of corona. (source) When you tally every dead person in the news, it seems like a lot. The media irresponsibly harasses every […]

KILLER released, but PROUDBOYS four years in prison

Judge Mark Dwyer has released Pedro Vinent-Barcia, 63, a criminal who stabbed his girlfriend to death from Rikers prison in Manhattan. On the basis of his miles of criminal record and history, prosecutors objected to Supreme Court Judge Dwyer's decision. Attorney Patricia Bailey said that Vinent-Barcia stalked his victim for months before […]

Journalist films crowded corona hospital. This is what he discovered

We came across a striking message from our colleagues at Ninefornews: “Many corona patients are reportedly being treated in the Virchow clinic of the Charité hospital in Berlin. German journalist Billy Six decided to take a closer look. According to the media, there is an emergency situation in the hospital, but Six found an almost empty clinic. […]

Corona / Winter mortality rates

COLUMN: Every year in the winter period there is a peak in deaths, the majority of which are elderly. Statistics Netherlands calls this phenomenon 'winter mortality'. Many people die from flu, and also from flu-related illnesses, common cold with additional complications such as pneumonia or fall, for example. Every year, at least more […]

€ 450 million support Morocco, 6 million for Flanders

'EU financial corona support' The proposal is being pushed through the decision-making machine at an accelerated pace. Last week, the ambassadors of the member states gave the green light. They also approved the plan to expand the European Solidarity Fund for natural disasters taking place OUTSIDE the EU. 450.000.000 euros will be transferred to the […]

Boris unites the Kingdom

Boris Johnson's popularity has continued to grow, since the last parliamentary election on December 12, 2019. In the aggregate of polls, Boris can now count on an absolute majority (51%) of the British: A majority UNITED in one KINGDOM behind Johnson and the Conservative Party. Both Boris' decisiveness around Brexit, the decision to curb immigration […]

Finance Minister Schaefer commits SUICIDE

In Germany, the Minister of Finance of the State of Hesse has taken his own life. At least that is what the police reports. Thomas Schaefer (54) was found dead on Saturday next to the train track near Frankfurt. The governor of Hesse, Volker Bouvier, said that Schaefer had succumbed to the pressure. Schaefer would be too worried […]

God or Beast?

Aristotle: “Every human being is a political animal that is naturally part of a political community. And who is unable to be part of a social community or has no need for it because he is himself enough; is God or beast. ” After which I arrive at… Prime Minister Mark Rutte. U.S […]

Biden on the way to victory Democratic nomination

Biden is up today with 41% of the interim votes ahead of Sanders. That translates to 1217 delegates for Biden and 914 for Sanders. Those who win 1991 delegates, or more, become Presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. Biden's odds have only grown since Buttigieg, Bloomberg, Warren and Klobuchar left the race. Already […]

Asylum seekers centers in Belgium do NOT lockdown. Social distancing NOT for migrants

This was decided after consultation between competent minister Maggie De Block, Fedasil and the Red Cross. Some mayors had asked for asylum seekers' asylum seekers to go into lockdown because asylum seekers do not comply with the measures taken, but that will not happen. This is reported by De Standaard. Europe is increasingly in lockdown over the spread of […]


In addition to the demonization of an anti-malaria drug, optimism also suffers. The journalist class does not like to hear that. The virus is a godsend to them, because then they can devise terrifying doom scenarios to scare you and us to death. And they get there […]

Hungarians line up at Gun-Shop

Citizens in Hungary feel compelled to appeal to THEMSELVES. Firearms sales have exploded since the global corona outbreak also crossed Hungary's borders. Other, lighter weapons are also very much in vogue, such as gas pistols that do not require a license. These weapons are less dangerous, but certainly at close range […]

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tested positive for COVID-19

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19). He makes this known on his Twitter: Over the last 24 hours I have developed mild symptoms and tested positive for coronavirus. I am now self-isolating, but I will continue to lead the government's response via video conference as we fight […]

Mainstream media demonizes experimental COVID drug

Several existing drugs have shown promising results in the fight against COVID19, including one drug for Ebola and another against HIV. The most discussed drug is hydroxychloroquine, a drug for malaria. The drug has been on the market for 65 years, cheap and safe. Tests in South Korea and France indicate positive effects for patients. […]

From an e-mail from "Culture under Fire"

The news is dominated by corona. But don't think that the threat of climate enforcement is over! On the contrary: As the government increasingly restricts our freedoms to fight the virus, influential climate activists like May Boeve openly dream of wielding the same totalitarian power - but against the 'climate crisis'. Frans Timmermans cannot wait. He says […]

Democrats block economic bailout TWICE

The Democrats have fired Trump's "Emergency Relief Package," worth $ 2.000 billion (!) For US citizens and businesses. Under the plan, Americans would receive a basic income of $ 1000 / month for a short time, plus a single benefit of $ 2000. Why have the Democrats torpedoed the plan? Because not enough attention and money went […]

Your Majesty, King of the Netherlands ...

Dear Willem, I have to admit… I shed a tear this afternoon. I realized that your kingdom has fallen from both your attention and interest. I see you reading the work of lyricists without showing any feelings about the current conditions in your country. While you are apparently clearly agitated that […]


In India, from now on, if you walk to death on the street, you will suddenly be beaten by policemen with sticks. A three-week lockdown took effect across India on Wednesday, March 25. The true nature of the power-hungry, legitimate policemen, is surfaced by the lockdown, and they immediately seize their opportunities to use where possible […]

Click line! NSB practices back in the Netherlands.

EIGHT !! CLICK LINE to REPORT your countrymen for violating social distancing regulations THIS IS NOT THE WAY! The rule applies to everyone on the street to keep five feet away from others in order to prevent or limit the spread of the corona virus. Last Monday, Rutte and three ministers tightened and supplemented the rules. One of […]

Muslim brotherhood calls for contaminating embassies with corona

Bahgat Saber, an Egyptian Islamist and activist of the Muslim Brotherhood in New York, has flu-like symptoms of his own and makes the following appeal. “If you are infected with corona take revenge !!! Get revenge on Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. Avenge your honor, the honor of your women, of the prisoners and the oppressed, ”says Egyptian Muslim brother […]