Volkert van der G. once again receives THOUSANDS of euros from the State

Volkert van der Graaf has another windfall: This time he will receive more than 2.800 euros from the Dutch State, the Council of State ruled. This is due to a mistake made by the minister: he 'forgot' to sign. It is another victory for van der Graaf. He has already conducted many lawsuits with […]

The Colonization of North America: A Non-Genocide

In the discussion about colonization, the argument often comes from both right and left: “Yes, but look what the Europeans did to the peoples of North America. What is happening to immigration now is what we deserve ”Here we go again… claims that the Europeans have ethnically cleansed an entire continent, based on false claims about the […]

ASYLUM SEEKER threatens to attack CHRISTIANS

An Afghan asylum seeker from the asylum seekers' center in Houthalen-Helchteren was arrested by the police on Sunday after threatening to commit an attack for the SECOND time this week. The Afghan has often caused problems in the asylum center on the Kazernelaan: Earlier this week he refused to wash his hands, something that must now be done regularly […]

KLM keeps MONEY from CUSTOMERS in its own pocket

Air France and partner KLM refuse to refund passengers money they paid for a ticket. Due to the lockdown, all flights have been canceled and therefore passengers are entitled to a refund according to the law, if they request this within 7 days. KLM and AIR France want to postpone and only say all refunds after a […]

Vodafone LAUNCHED 5G in half the Netherlands

Vodafone was the first provider to launch 5G in the Netherlands. As of last Monday, the successor to the current 4G networks will be available in the Randstad and parts of Noord-Brabant. The whole of the Netherlands will follow by the end of July at the latest, says Vodafone. The rollout is remarkable because the first 5G auction in the Netherlands has yet to take place because it is only scheduled for June […]

Call to the Police of the Netherlands

Most Dutch people have always considered the police to be of paramount importance. They believe that the police should and should be able to take strict action where necessary and the Dutch citizens want the government to invest in the police and not cut spending. A good relationship between citizens and the police generates mutual respect. The average […]

AIRPLANES full of asylum seekers taxi into Germany

The German 'Mission Lifeline' has been transporting illegal refugees to Europe since 2016. Normally, such transports go over water, but this time a more luxurious plan is ready. Mission Lifeline wants to fly hundreds of asylum seekers into Germany with two Boeing 747-300 aircraft. The money is already ready, but the German Ministry of the Interior has yet to […]

The other newspaper

The Other Newspaper is an initiative of KnowledgeMatters whose aim is to broaden the public debate and that is what we all stand for. We would like to bring that to your attention. The Other Newspaper can be found at: https://deanderekrant.nl/overons Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deanderekrant/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndereKrant  

Orwellian China and risk that we go the same way

In 1948 George Orwell published his book "1984" In "1984" he describes life in a dystopian future, in which the state has banned all privacy and freedom. That book, written as a warning, is seen by the regime in China as a manual for repression. Just like in "1984", China spies on its inhabitants, through […]

Green energy: A FOSSIL industry

Since the Rome Club warned of “human-induced global warming” in the 70s, major investments have been made in solar, wind and biofuel energy. All with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The discussion about the influence of humans on climate change aside. But about the effectiveness of […]

PODCAST - The new normal as a power grab

Niels Lunsing in conversation with Pieter Stuurman about “The New Normal”. Are we going to allow a “one and a half meter society”? Are we aware of the consequences of this absurd lockdown? Do people realize what this means for our economy? Listen to the conversation between Niels and Pieter: The new normal as a seizure of power https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8XhwU_mzl0 Previous […]

Click shocks embarrassed in St. Louis (USA)

A lot of people are taking advantage of the crisis to enrich themselves, including “click liners”. The town of St. Louis is now sticking to this: The county has made 900 clicks with name and complaint publicly available. Most of these clicks are agitating against their own employers, hoping that the company will be shut down because […]


Last week we posted this Tweet because of a notable agenda item we ran into. Secret closed meeting on change CONSTITUTION https://www.tweedekamer.nl/debat_en_vergasse/commissievergaderingen/details?id=2020A01556 LS A closed meeting is scheduled for April 23. to change the #Constitution. "@ MinPres @MinBZ https://t.co/oWaXUbLLK7 Please explain. Citizens. # articleII # legislative change pic.twitter.com/PGCEW5GdBw - […]


The current Lock Down has gripped the whole of our country and has been going on for a long time. The ability to express ourselves together is currently limited, but there is still something we can do. Let's all send out a signal that we want our freedom back so that we can continue with […]

HALSEMA allows Amsterdammers to EVER pay for Muslims

Femke Halsema allows the 'very vulnerable families' to stay in holiday parks at the expense of the Amsterdam taxpayer during the corona crisis. In the holiday bungalows located in a beautiful green environment, the families could recover from the corona stress. “We hope to be able to repeat this more often for families in need, the parks […]

Stacey Abrams RUNNING-MATE Joe Biden? !!

Stacey Abrams (46) is Joe Biden's intended running mate. So if Democrat Joe Biden wins the upcoming 2020 election, Abrams will be vice president of America. She is also not impeccable, for example, she has substantial tax debts, and she has also committed fraud with votes during the Governor elections in Georgia. The African American Stacey Abrams […]

MOUTH CAP not necessary, MANDATORY

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mouth masks are not necessary, but they are still mandatory in certain countries. The Robert Koch Institute reports that the masks protect bystanders from spit splashes from the wearer. The American CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) does not advocate the mask, but rather a scarf or cloth. […]

Call to the Netherlands - Stop the LOCKDOWN

Dear readers, I would like to appeal to you, it is very simple, but very effective to make a protest in this way! For those who have not yet realized, the Covid-19 is not at all that killer virus that threatens us seriously, it may be slightly worse than a normal flu, […]

Resistance Newspaper and Protest: Hard-Handed Judgments

Thousands of Berliners yesterday stood up to the police who were ready in full uniform to dispose of the disobedient Germans. Some masked people tried to adhere to the 1,5 m society while protesting, but by far the majority disregarded the social distancing rule and thus made a fist against the German […]

Ukraine receives EU loan of EUR 1,2 billion

Ukraine has also extended the corona measures until May 11. Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal hopes to relax the measures afterwards if the infections decrease. Ukraine is currently dealing with 6600 corona infections. Ukraine, which is not a member of the European Union, will receive an additional 190 BILLION after the previously allocated 1,2 million! You read it […]

POLAND demands end of LOCKDOWN

Poles demonstrated today at the Polish-German border. They defied the social distancing rules, which they violated en masse. Due to the travel ban and mandatory quarantine, many Poles cannot go to work in Germany. About a thousand people protested against this. Entire families are separated from each other by the lockdown and the fence, therefore meet […]

Crime among asylum seekers increases by 30% in 1 year

A secret report on crime among asylum seekers from the Ministry of Justice and Security revealed some striking discoveries. Asylum seekers appear to be responsible for an unparalleled amount of crime in the Netherlands. In 2019 there was an increase of more than 1.000 crimes committed by asylum seekers, an increase of about 30%. […]


ABOLISH THE CORONA BREEDING MEASURES !!! Café Weltschmerz calls for micro-activism of resistance! STOP THE LOCKDOWN !! On the advice of the RIVM, Rutte has taken unprecedentedly severe repression measures and put society in a downward spiral. Civil rights movement 'Lift the corona measures' asks politicians to lift the corona prohibition measures. Astronomical social costs! Economic and employment costs Containment […]

Poland CENSORS 'fake news' about corona.

Twitter, for example, has been preventing people from getting information about corona from accounts that Twitter considers 'fake news' for months. Critics believe that this jeopardizes freedom of speech and that people should determine for themselves what responsible advice is. But the Polish press agency and the GovTech Polska Program, a working group from different […]