Green energy: A FOSSIL industry

Read 1 Since the Club of Rome warned of “human-induced global warming” in the 70s, major investments have been made in solar, wind and biofuel energy. All with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The discussion about the influence of humans on climate change aside. But about the […]

PODCAST - The new normal as a power grab

Read 3 Niels Lunsing in conversation with Pieter Stuurman about “The New Normal”. Are we going to allow a "one and a half meter society"? Are we aware of the consequences of this absurd lockdown? Do people realize what this means for our economy? Listen to the conversation between Niels and Pieter: The new normal as a power grab […]

Click shocks embarrassed in St. Louis (USA)

Read 2 A lot of people are taking advantage of the crisis to enrich themselves, including "click-liners". The town of St. Louis is now putting a stop to that: The county has made 900 clickers with name and complaint public. Most of these clickers agitate against their own employers in the hopes that the company will […]


Read 32 Last week we posted this Tweet because of a striking agenda item that we ran into. Secret closed meeting on change of CONSTITUTION LS A closed meeting is planned for 23 April. Agenda item: "Declaration that there are grounds to consider a proposal to change the #Constitution."@MinPres @MinBZ Please explain.The citizens.#articleII #legislative amendment […]


Read 22 The current Lock Down holds the whole of our country in its grip and has been going on for a very long time. The opportunity to express ourselves together is currently limited, but there is still something we can do. Let's all send a signal that we want our freedom back so that we can continue […]

HALSEMA allows Amsterdammers to EVER pay for Muslims

Read 9 Femke Halsema allows the 'very vulnerable families' to stay in holiday parks at the expense of the Amsterdam taxpayer during the corona crisis. In the holiday bungalows located in a beautiful green environment, the families could recover from the corona stress. “We hope to be able to repeat this more often for families in need, […]

Stacey Abrams RUNNING-MATE Joe Biden? !!

Read 12 Stacey Abrams (46) is Joe Biden's Intended Running Mate Candidate. If Democrat Joe Biden wins the upcoming 2020 election, Abrams will become vice president of America. She is also not of impeccable behavior, for example, she has substantial tax debts, and she has also cheated with votes during the Governor elections in Georgia. The African American […]

MOUTH CAP not necessary, MANDATORY

Read 7 According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mouth masks are not necessary, but they are still mandatory in certain countries. The Robert Koch Institute reports that the masks protect bystanders from spit splashes from the wearer. The American CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) does not advocate the mask but rather a scarf […]

Call to the Netherlands - Stop the LOCKDOWN

Read 16 Dear readers, I would like to appeal to you, it is very simple, but very effective to protest in this way! For those who haven't figured it out yet, the Covid-19 is not at all that killer virus that seriously threatens us, it is perhaps just a bit worse than a […]

Resistance Newspaper and Protest: Hard-Handed Judgments

Read 17 Thousands of Berliners rose up yesterday against the police who were in full uniform ready to remove the disobedient Germans. Some masked people tried to adhere to the 1,5 m society during the protest, but by far the majority disregarded the social distancing rule and thus made a fist against […]