Another money package to Ukraine

Five hundred million euros. We talk about that. This AGAIN goes to a country that is not a member of the European Union. The European Commission is lending the money to Ukraine. The Eastern European country receives this money to help the country's economic and structural reforms get back on track. In addition to that, the European […]

Gaze at the stars. Elon Musk's first passenger

Amid race riots, corona, and celebrities trying to stay relevant by commenting on societal issues, many space fanatics watched the stars along with President Trump. bottom launched to the International Space Station. An American […]


Mrs. Shula Rijxman has quickly transformed the NPO into the image of her party: D66. Anyone who dares to say they are PVV'er in the media park should resign immediately, because they have no future at all at the NPO. INTOLERANCE rules and that is at odds with the Media Act! The NPO has an immigrant counter […]

BILDERBERG club member Jort Kelder wins Pim Fortuyn prize

In Jort's own words: 'Pim now turns around in his grave because I received the Pim Fortuyn prize. In the past, we used to scrape each other in a moody way. ' Have we missed something? What exactly has this man done to defend freedom of speech? All this man does is at […]

Which political party is right for me? (Part 1)

A triptych by regular columnist: Chris Collard. Now 61 years old, it has become clear to me which political party I will most likely vote for. A lot of people are much less sure which party they will vote for, so let me lift a tip of the veil to simply […]


In Friesland, on Saturday, May 30, banners suddenly hung everywhere in the province with protest texts against the 1,5 meter society and the new normal. The cloths are also provided with the hashtag #DeBuren. The canvases have texts such as: 'HELLO CORONA, GOODBYE WORLD' 'XNUMX METERS = NOT OK!' 'TOGETHER = THE NEW ALONE' 'WE SAY NO TO THE […]

CBS: Negative migration balance for the first time in 5 years

A net 109 migrants left in April, making this the first time since July 2015 that more emigrated than immigrated in a month. The migration balance differs per group, with surprising results: In net terms, 870 native Dutch people with Dutch background came (back) to the Netherlands. The migration balance for Western immigrants was -1026, while that for non-Westerners […]


The cabinet has sent an EMERGENCY ACT to the House, which makes it possible for RIVM to use data from telecom masts to see whether it has been very busy in certain municipalities. Now that many corona measures are being relaxed, RIVM wants to have a SYSTEM that can quickly identify how people feel […]

Alice Weidel of AfD at the corona protests in Stuttgart

When the AfD warned, as a precaution for Corona, they were denounced as conspiracy theorists. The government ignored everything and laughed at them. Now that it turns out that it was all grossly exaggerated, they are again the conspiracy thinkers because they want to get rid of these sick, harmful and completely irrational measures. Sounds familiar, huh? The same scenario applies in any case to […]


YELLOW JACKETS DEMONSTRATIONS ~ THE HAGUE - Schelpenpad ~ And throughout the Netherlands: Groningen Groningen May 30 13:00 Friesland (Fryslân) Leeuwarden May 30 13:00 joinchat / SIMrNBojZuAPMYBoDcaCzg Drenthe Assen 30 May 13:00 Overijssel Zwolle 30 May 13:00 30 May Lely 13:00: Overijssel Zwolle 30 May 13:00 2 May 161:30 // Gelderland Arnhem May XNUMX XNUMX:XNUMX Utrecht Utrecht May XNUMX XNUMX:XNUMX […]


THE HAGUE - MALIEVELD 30 MAY 2020 12.00 - 18.00 “Our demonstration on the Malieveld, in whatever form, will take place peacefully. We would like to emphasize this with all the Facebook messages that are circulating. All our demonstrations have so far gone without conflict and this time we will again do everything to […]

Indonesian 'corona offenders' PUBLICALLY embarrassed

People who do not take the corona measures seriously in Indonesia are pilloried outside. For example, as punishment they have to walk around their necks with signs on which they draw the attention of others to the rules of distance and publicly read pieces from the Koran. In Aceh, non-Muslims are spared. They do not have to recite the Quran and […]

Telegraph: Lies, lies and more LIES “RACIST CHARTS”

De Telegraaf has been going on a complete FALSE “anti” racism tour for the last 2 days. This MUST be rectified! Yesterday it lied about Afro-Americans killed by police by omitting certain info. Which we do provide at CSTV. Telegraaf proclaims stubborn propaganda! And now De Telegraaf is participating in the demonization of a dog owner by a […]

BOLSONARO wants ARMS for Brazilians against power drunken POLITICI during lockdown

Recently, Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro held a two-hour angry rant about mayors and ministers in his country taking advantage of the lockdown. Bolsonaro also showed no mercy for the Minister of Justice Sérgio Moro. The images were released on purpose by the Brazilian Supreme Court to compromise Bolsonaro. In the media […]

German coroner concludes after 140 autopsies: 'There is no killer virus'

Article from almost a year ago. "Just a little while longer, guys!" And what are the people around us shouting now? "Hold on, guys!" German coroner Klaus Püschel has examined more than 140 corona deaths in Hamburg in recent weeks. On German TV, he said that the hysteria surrounding the corona virus is exaggerated. All […]


In this column I, Hendrik, will talk about the mistakes this cabinet has made regarding the corona virus. This goes back to the government's late response and denial of the potential danger of the virus to the stubbornness we are in now, the lockdown. I am going as well […]


The famous words of Taliban leader Baradar: “We will fight against the USA. We have fought for 18 years and we will continue our Jihad for another hundred years. America will pay a price !!! Trump claimed he had personally canceled previous peace talks with the Afghan guerrillas, but the Taliban declares Donald Trump is lying: The […]

Telegraaf announces persistent propaganda!

If there is one persistent lie, it is the overrepresentation of African Americans being shot by the police. Normally this is the domain of the “left liberal” media, but now De Telegraaf also participated nicely. And since De Telegraaf focuses on 2015, we will also use 2015 data. Say something […]

Elite strategies and COVID19

Foreword In this document I am going to talk about the strategies that the elite may use and to what extent this is consistent with the corona policy. This document must remain reasonably clear and therefore I will limit the information. I have chosen to add relevant links to each chapter, then you can immediately read the […]

Van Vollenhoven: 'Provide BOA's with full equipment including FIREARMS.'

The husband of Princess Margriet and former chairman of the Dutch Safety Board Pieter van Vollenhoven believes that special investigating officers (boas) should be fully equipped with the authority to carry weapons. He said this in the radio program Dit is de Dag. 'I understand the call of baton and pepper spray boas but you […]

Column - The DUTCH man is a HORIGE man

The reason that so many mentally ill people are committed to transgender propaganda is that they themselves have overshot their own ideal image and are well aware of this. For example, there are masculine 'power women' who, through discrimination against men, have ended up in special roles at large international rootless companies. Or at state agencies such as the […]

Why are we doing this to ourselves? Why are we so incredibly stupid?

Mouth masks do not work. RIVM and WHO have already confirmed this at an earlier stage and all experts will agree. Why then do people want to make us wear masks compulsory? And why not in May and suddenly in June? Why are all proposed alternative solutions being dismissed? Why are all sounds […]

State of perception: Fewer young people volunteer

Population has nothing to do with White Supremacy, the extreme right and other nonsense theories that are inappropriately linked to this word. It is a neat Dutch word to describe the current phenomenon in Europe. How is this conversion related? It is related because increasing diversity negatively correlates with willingness to […]

Disastrous animal feed rules of Minister Schouten

In Carola Schouten's new livestock feed rules, the concentrate silos must be empty between 1 September and the end of December. If not? € 2.500 fine! Cows must each emit less ammonia, so Schouten had thought that cows should also eat less than, in particular, less proteins and minerals. This has disastrous consequences: Stillborn […]