Read 8 THE HAGUE – MALIEVELD 30 MAY 2020 12.00 – 18.00 “Our demonstration on the Malieveld, in whatever form, will take place peacefully. We would like to emphasize this extra through all the Facebook messages that are doing the rounds. All our demonstrations have so far been without conflict and we will do everything again this time […]

Indonesian 'corona offenders' PUBLICALLY embarrassed

Read 5 People who do not take the corona measures seriously in Indonesia are pilloried outside. For example, as a punishment they have to walk around with signs around their necks to draw the attention of others to the distancing rules and to read parts from the Koran publicly. In Aceh, non-Muslims are spared. They do not have to read the Quran […]

Telegraph: Lies, lies and more LIES “RACIST CHARTS”

Read 4 De Telegraaf has been going on a complete FALSE “anti” racism tour for the last 2 days. This MUST be rectified! Yesterday it lied about police-killed African-Americans by omitting certain information. Which we do provide at CSTV. Telegraaf proclaims persistent propaganda! And now De Telegraaf is participating in the demonization of a dog owner, […]

German coroner concludes after 140 autopsies: 'There is no killer virus'

Read 25 Article from almost a year ago. “Just a little longer, boys!” And what are the people around us now saying? “Hold on a little longer guys!” German coroner Klaus Püschel has investigated more than 140 corona deaths in Hamburg in recent weeks. He said on German TV that the hysteria surrounding the coronavirus was exaggerated […]


Read 4 In this column I, Hendrik, are going to talk about the mistakes this cabinet has made regarding the coronavirus. This goes back to the cabinet's belated response and denial of the potential danger of the virus to the stubbornness we are now in, the lockdown. I […]


Read 1 The winged words of Taliban leader Baradar: 'We will fight against the USA. We have been fighting for 18 years and we will continue our Jihad for another hundred years. America will pay a price!!! Trump claimed he personally canceled previous peace talks with Afghan guerrillas, but the Taliban says Donald Trump […]

Telegraaf announces persistent propaganda!

Read 7 If there is one persistent lie, it is the overrepresentation of African Americans being shot by the police. Normally this is the domain of the "left liberal" media, but now De Telegraaf also joined in nicely. And since De Telegraaf focuses on 2015, we will also use 2015 data. […]

Elite strategies and COVID19

Read 0 Preface In this document I will talk about the strategies that the elite may use and to what extent this corresponds to the corona policy. This document should remain reasonably well-arranged, so I will limit the information. I've chosen to include relevant links with each chapter, so you can […]