Demonized for self-defense

It has long been known that in the US Democrats and Marxist activists have been seeking to restrict or even outlaw the constitutional right to possess firearms. Thanks to the current President and the Conservative majority in the Supreme Court, the Democrats cannot do this, so it became […]

Gilead sucks blood from corona patients out from under their nails

Eight members of the National Health Institute (NIH) appear to have financial ties to GILEAD. Gilead suddenly comes up with a very expensive alternative to hydrochloroquine. NIH's financial ties to Gilead are all the more alarming given that Gilead owns stock in Bill Gates' Moderna vaccine. Doctor Fauci from NIAID who fiercely […]

Net immigration also low last month

Also last month, the forbidden word, the repopulation, remained on the back burner as a result of the Corona crisis. Last May, the migration balance was only 216, because 516 net immigrants left and 732 natives returned to the Netherlands net. A net 539 Western immigrants left and 23 non-Westerners entered. 152 more people came from Africa to […]


A new chapter from the scamdemic fairytale book: The stores that just reopened on June 15th in Leicester, United Kingdom, are obliged to close again today, June 30th. Bars, restaurants and hairdressing salons must close again on July 4, and schools will be closed from July 2. There are still meetings about the fate of libraries, museums […]

Clear analysis Tucker Carlson about the worldwide madness

Journalism in the mainstream media is not dead yet! More than fifteen minutes of common sense! Tucker Carlson covers current affairs in his daily show and often hits the nail straight to the head. And it is important to us too. What happens in the US usually comes this way too. See BlackLivesMatter. See our media […]

SHOCKING! 2014 interview about corona and vaccines

This interview with Anthony Patch was conducted in 2014. Verified, and this video is indeed from that time. III Strand DNA / Interview Anthony Patch We do not present this as “The Truth”, but listen carefully to what was said here about the media, corona and vaccines in 2014. A number of statements in this interview seem very […]

Citizens stand up against mask masks and threaten civilian arrest

Last Tuesday, a meeting was held in West Palm Beach, Florida. Palm Beach County commissioners discussed a new "law" about the wearing of face masks. Muzzles should be worn in places, indoors and out, where “social distancing” is not an option. The citizens of Palm Beach County, who are against this, are good […]

Nationalist victories in Europe

Several Nationalist victories have taken place in Serbia, Poland and France last week. In Poland, Nationalist President Andrzej Duda received 43.67% of the votes in the first round of the Presidential elections, compared to 34.76% in 2015. In France, Louis Aliot, on behalf of Assemblement National (formerly Front National), won the mayor of Perpignan last Sunday (120.000 inhabitants). With that […]

Like mushrooms!

When I started to write critically, there were still some sources active that protested against this government and their policies, now some time later, they are sprouting like mushrooms. That is not illogical, because we can gradually speak of mismanagement by Rutte III, whereby the […]

Trump Rally - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Excerpt from the Trump Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Trump addresses the situation in Seattle where BlackLivesMatter protesters have taken over part of the city and chased police out. He also talks about how CNN reports on these catastrophic events. “Let them go and show the world what the […]

KRO / NCRV Pointer - Fact checkers or followers?

Fact checker or follower? Reports appeared on this site that CommonSense is under attack from so-called fact checkers. (source) Fact checkers employed by the KRO / NCRV Peter Keizer and Tanne van Bree claim that CommonSense, as I quote, is "right-wing radical and structurally spreads fake news." Now I don't know if there is such a thing as a […]

Scotus empowers Trump to deport illegal immigrants

Last Thursday, the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) voted 7 in favor and 2 against the return of a Sri Lankan “refugee” who proved unable to give a convincing reason as to why he would be in danger as a Tamil minority in Sri Lanka. The ruling also applies to any asylum seeker who is unable to […]

Israel's ex-Prime Minister Ehud Barak spotted on pedophile island

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak has been accused of being a pedophile. He has penetrated underage teens on the late Jefrrey Epstein's orgy island. This claim is made by Virginia Roberts Giuffre. She is the main plaintiff in the Epstein case and the above was written in a sealed testimony. The testimony is by Alan M. Dershowitz, […]

President of Kosovo suspected of war crimes

Kosovar President Hashim Thaçi was charged yesterday by the Kosovo Tribunal located in The Hague. The Kosovo Tribunal, also known as the Kosovo Tribunal, is a tribunal set up to prosecute and try crimes against humanity, war crimes and Kosovar crimes committed during the Kosovo war. 52-year-old Thaçi has been reported by a “special prosecutor” […]


Hi dear people! Some of you may have already heard the news. Incredible but true! I never thought possible that the dictatorship would make itself known so much: We can now speak of the end of the democratic constitutional state. Yesterday we vowed. Because we could not rely on the judge to […]

Genocide on the elderly by the Dutch government

It will come across as harsh, but given the consequences of this policy and these people, we are still expressing ourselves softly. We no longer believe in soft words. One must realize what these people have really done. And that is almost impossible to express in words. The truth is the truth. The murder wave of the elderly […]

Lies around the Mexican Pandemic WHO & RIVM - Video News Hour 2009

PANDEMIES - LUCRATIVE BUSINESS FOR POWERFUL PHARMACEUTES Hopefully the average person will wake up quickly and use all the knowledge at hand to dismantle and bankrupt these billionaires who are psychologically crazy and blinded by power. The swine flu, officially New Influenza A (H1N1), and initially also called swine flu, is a flu virus that in 2009 […]

The hypocrisy surrounding COVID19

Laura Ingraham exposes the global hypocrisy about the corona virus and the draconian measures. From day 1, we at CommonSenseTV were critical of this virus. That cost a lot of viewers and readers. But you cannot let that change your insights. When the first figures rolled in at the time in March, immediately […]

Double standard in court

Last Tuesday, two social media users appeared in court. Their crime: Offensive posts / tweets on social media, following the live broadcast of Keti Koti in 2017. The broadcast provoked a lot of anger and posts. Some posts were reported. Of the many reports, the Public Prosecution chose to prosecute 7, […]

Black Crimes Matter

Human rights activist and presenter Colin Flaherty organized a protest against Afros' disproportionate acts of violence against whites. For this, he and his activists blocked the MLK exit on highway I-95 in Nevada. Colin Flaherty has been fighting for years against the actual racism in society, namely racism against white people. The data of the Bureau of Justice […]

Derk Jan Eppink (FvD) about BLM. The inspiration of Mark Rutte

Thierry Baudet interviews Derk Jan Eppink about BlackLivesMatter. The friends of our Prime Minister Mark Rutte who becomes “inspired” by these extreme terrorists who do not tolerate any opinion and are not afraid to use violence. Images are taken down. A good leader, a President, would get these people under lock and key VERY quickly and […]


800 families have been forced into their homes in Magdeburg Neue Neustadt and Salbke District this weekend. The areas are in lockdown and there are pamphlets everywhere to warn everyone that it is strictly forbidden to leave your home. The apartment occupants are also not allowed to go to work, to school or to run errands, therefore […]

How Nursing Homes Take Hostages and Punishments with Impunity - Part 3

HOW NURSING HOMES ARE HIDDEN AND PUNISHMENTS AND AUTHORITIES WATCH AWAY - A three-part serial Part 1 Part 2 Part III - About PL food and hot stuff In Part I of this three-part serial I described how my father was quarantined and against his will freedom was taken away. In Part II how […]

Interview with Donald Trump about BLM and the police

Harris Faulkner interviews Donald Trump about the BLM demonstrations and about the police in the United States. Police are under heavy fire from the Democrats, who have been hijacked by the extreme left. Trump also insists that many police officers commit suicide and simply quit their job. Although things are different. It seems very […]