Trump Rally - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Read 0 Excerpt from the Trump Rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Trump addresses the situation in Seattle where BlackLivesMatter protesters have taken over part of the city and chased the police. He also talks about the way CNN reports these catastrophic events. “Let them go and show the world […]

KRO / NCRV Pointer - Fact checkers or followers?

Read 25 Fact checker or follower? There have been reports on this site that CommonSense is under fire from so-called fact checkers. (source) Fact checkers employed by the KRO/NCRV Peter Keizer and Tanne van Bree claim that CommonSense, and I quote, “is radical right and structurally spreads fake news.” Now I don't know if there is such a thing […]

Scotus empowers Trump to deport illegal immigrants

Read 2 Last Thursday, the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) voted 7 in favor and 2 against returning a Sri Lankan “refugee” who proved unable to give a convincing reason why he would be at risk as a Tamil minority in Sri Lanka . The ruling also applies to any asylum seeker who is unable to […]

Israel's ex-Prime Minister Ehud Barak spotted on pedophile island

Read 30 Former Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Barak is accused of being a pedophile. He penetrated underage teens on the late Jefrrey Epstein's orgy island. This claim is made by Virginia Roberts Giuffre. She is the lead plaintiff in the Epstein case and the above was written in sealed testimony. The testimony is by Alan […]

President of Kosovo suspected of war crimes

Read 9 Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi was indicted yesterday by the Kosovo Tribunal, which is located in The Hague. The Kosovo Tribunal, also known as the Kosovo Tribunal, is a tribunal established to prosecute and try crimes against humanity, war crimes and Kosovar crimes committed during the Kosovo war. The 52-year-old Thaçi was killed by a […]


Read 6 Hi dear people! Some of you may have already heard the news. Unbelievable but true! I did not think it possible that the dictatorship would show itself so badly: We can now speak of the cessation of the democratic constitutional state. Yesterday we challenged. Because we couldn't rely on the judge […]

Genocide on the elderly by the Dutch government

Read 6 It will come across as hard, but given the consequences of this policy and these people, we are speaking softly. We no longer believe in soft words. One must realize what these people have really done. And that is almost impossible to express in words. The truth is the truth. The murder wave […]

Lies around the Mexican Pandemic WHO & RIVM - Video News Hour 2009

Read 52 PANDEMICS – LUCRATIVE BUSINESS FOR POWERFUL PHARMACISTS Hopefully the average person will wake up soon and use all the knowledge at their disposal to dismantle and bankrupt these mentally deranged billionaires blinded by power. Swine flu, officially New Influenza A (H1N1), and initially swine flu is a flu virus that […]

The hypocrisy surrounding COVID19

Read 7 Laura Ingraham exposes the worldwide hypocrisy about the corona virus and the draconian measures. From day 1 we at CommonSenseTV were critical about this virus. That cost a lot of viewers and readers. But you can't let that change your views. When the first numbers rolled in back in March, […]

Double standard in court

Read 5 Last Tuesday, two social media users appeared in court. Their crime: Abusive posts/tweets on social media, following the live broadcast of Keti Koti in 2017. The broadcast sparked a lot of anger and posts. Some posts have been reported. Of the many reports, the Public Prosecution Service chose to […]