Mandatory masks are NOT legally possible

Earlier we wrote that Amsterdam and Rotterdam will make mouth masks mandatory. Shut up, muzzle, keep your distance and curfew is coming from Antwerp if it is up to a number of people. When we hear from our Minister of Medical Care Tamara van Ark, you notice that these people are capable of anything. To inexplicable […]

Official 'ITALEXIT' party formed in Italy

A real 'ITALEXIT' party was founded in Italy a few days ago, this comes the day after the deal that was concluded within the EU regarding loans and gifts for Southern Europe. Among other things, a lot of money would go to Italy. Giantluigi Paragone recently founded the 'No Europe for Italy' movement, and has already suggested that […]


Directly taken over Dear colleagues, We would like to use this channel to express our great concern about the state of affairs in recent months, surrounding the outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We, a large group of (GZ-) psychologists, psychiatrists, remedial educationalists, (psycho-) therapists, pedagogues, coaches and other professionals within care, academia and mental health care, state that the […]

Google begins to influence US elections

If you search for 'Joe Biden' on Google, you will not find any match to Breitbart. The tech giant has throttled all traffic to the site, according to the news site, which takes a conservative view. Breitbart sees it as clear evidence of electoral influence. Google has a clear bias against conservative media such as The Daily Wire. […]

Some numbers in addition to failing policy

Some figures in addition to failing policy, 28-07-2020 Also shocked by the report that an Action employee was fired on the spot because he did not pay for a 3 cent plastic bag? Also shocked by the amount that Italy can receive from the EU? Total EUR 209 billion, of which EUR 81 billion to […]

Austrian sentenced to 6 months in prison for violating quarantine

A woman in Klagenfurt, Austria has been sentenced by a judge to six months in prison for violating the quarantine she was put in for contracting covid-19. She will be punished for entering a supermarket when she should actually be in quarantine. The 49-year-old Austrian gets the sentence suspended, but […]

In Antwerp, an EVENING CLOCK applies from Wednesday evening

Now that the police regulation of Antwerp governor Cathy Berx about the extra corona measures in the province is ready, these measures will be in effect from Wednesday evening. This means that, among other things, there is a general mandatory mouth mask and that the infamous curfew starts at 23.30 p.m. From Wednesday evening, for at least FOUR WEEKS, everyone in the province must […]

Drs. C. Van Rijn - Insurance doctor: Is Corona actually worse than the flu?

How do we actually know how deadly a virus is? This can be known by calculating the IFR. Of course you know the IFR from corona, this is discussed extensively by the media on a daily basis. This comment is of course intended to be sarcastic, the IFR never gets in the news, this requires journalistic interest, intelligence and something of […]

No national mouth mask obligation

Today the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) met with Minister Van Ark (Medical Care) to discuss, among other things, mouth masks. The OMT still sees no reason to make face masks mandatory. Scientific evidence about its operation is lacking, they say. As a result, there will be no obligation to use masks nationally, according to the decision of the […]

Dutch JUDOKA (23) commits suicide through corona measures

Dutch judoka Ilona Lucassen (23) stepped down because the corona crisis and lockdown had diminished its structure and regularity. That tells her mother. Lucassen was a great talent: she won bronze at the Grand Prix of The Hague, among other things. On June 14, the Dutch Jubobond (JBN) announced that Ilona Lucassen two […]

Proven again: A Lockdown is useless.

There is a new research that shows very hard that the effect of a lockdown is nil. There was little evidence before the lockdown that keeping a distance is useful, now it has been demonstrated again that, despite all good intentions, it has been a futile effort. Correlation means that there is a relationship between 2 […]

Sunday August 2 DEMONSTRATION Boulevard 1945

Citizen initiatives of the Corona demonstration group Twente, De Vrije Tukkers, Twente for Freedom and Love for Enschede and Freedom have joined forces. One of the organizers Eldor van Feggelen says that it is not only against the freedom-restricting corona measures, but also against police violence. The participants also want to show support for the farmers. The demonstration […]

AG Barr: 'Peaceful protesters don't throw explosives'

The Attorney-General of the United States William Barr has clamped down on the media and politicians during a testimony. Barr has swept the floor with politicians and the media in his opening statement. William Barr is scheduled to testify before the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee. It is chaired by Jerry Nadler (D-NY). William Barr […]

CommonSenseTV, fuss in the tent and Willem Engel

In the past week there has been quite a bit of commotion about an article that appeared on CommonSenseTV about Willem Engel. Dozens of emails have been received about this. Rather 70 than 20. Incidentally, both positive and negative. Then you have to make a statement because there is even a disagreement with one of our columnists. What is CommonSenseTV Ten […]

Full truce starts in Ukraine

The pro-Russian rebels and the Ukrainian army have negotiated a full truce. This truce started at midnight on Monday and should serve as another step towards peace. For years, a war has been going on in eastern Ukraine that divides the country. The provinces of Donetsk and Luhansk had separated from Ukraine with Russian support. This started […]

Is this news? (Rectification!) "Beware of False Prophets"

When something is presented as news, you assume that a piece of reporting or journalism is being done there! On July 22, an article appeared under this heading entitled: Beware of False Prophets! (- Carl Popper) from Ferry Mahler, which has caused quite a stir! This article […]

State of emergency: THOUSANDS of migrants invade Europe through Lampedusa in July

The Italian island of Lampedusa is again overrun by North African migrants. 'The situation has become untenable. If the government doesn't do it, I will declare a state of emergency, 'the Italian news agency Ansa quotes Mayor Toto Martello. The 20 square kilometer Lampedusa currently houses 1.027 migrants. This also includes the 203 migrants who the […]

Professor found dead after being bullied by left-wing students

A few days before his early retirement, Professor Mike Adams, 55, was found dead at 14.00 p.m. at his home in Wilmington, North Carolina. He allegedly committed suicide last Thursday. He died of a gunshot wound to the head, according to a police report. The professor of Criminology and Sociology was previously appointed by […]

Motorcycle agent uses force and pepper spray on boy who refuses to wear MOUTH CAP

Two Belgian city guards spoke to a boy in a skate park in Roeselare on Saturday evening, because he was not wearing a mouth mask. A discussion ensued between the city guard and the boy named Trax. The conversation threatened to escalate and that is why the Belgian BOA called in the police. A motorcycle police officer arrived almost immediately on the scene and asked Trax […]

Sunday July 26 Leeuwarden: DEMONSTRATION Together Back To Normal

For freedom and life without fear Sunday 26 July Start 14.00 pm to 17.00 pm Oldenhove, Leeuwarden Demonstration For Freedom Life without fear Against a meter and a half Against the government measures Against the Emergency Act. Then a march through the city center. More info:

Email problems at CommonSenseTV

Dear readers and viewers, From the beginning we have had the goal of answering every email. And fast! That was a breeze when we still got 3 emails a day, but the last few weeks we've been getting a lot of email. We are only happy with that, of course. We save all tips and we also keep […]

Walking tour looking for the virus of The Hague!

Start from Parksesteeg 3 Overasselt on July 24, 2020 Tomorrow, July 25 will be the start of the 2nd day! Read further below for the route The tree that will be an art object by the initiator and artist Sjaak Bruijsten behind a tractor through the country towards The Hague symbolizes freedom. Start from […]