Hilarious! Mandatory vaccine is coming in Australia (Update: President takes back words)

UPDATE: The President of Australia withdraws his words because "it creates the wrong impression on the community". According to the Australian RIVM, Australian Medical Association). (source) Well .. or that will reassure the people in the country. We clearly know where they want to go… Why is this so hilarious? Because of the hard numbers! This is […]

Police opens click line.

Police of the Netherlands. Why are you doing this anyway? I think the population has always argued for more blue-collar workers with more powers and an attractive wage. So that you can apply violence in the right place in the right situation. Professional, human and fair. Stench for thanks. You choose to maintain these bizarre idiotic measures, […]


Two boys were buried alive in Solna, near Stockholm, last week. The teenagers refused to buy drugs from migrants, so they were taken to a nearby cemetery and assaulted there. After being stabbed in their legs with a knife, the adolescents were thrown into an open grave and buried under […]

The betrayal of the Lügenpresse in the Netherlands

The toughest times ever for all of us and ALL media are turning against you. The toughest times ever for all of us and ALL media are turning against you. The consequences of these “corona measures” can no longer be foreseen within a few weeks. The first hypocrite of the media to write to us about this must […]


As if we didn't have enough SH * T in the world yet, a new complication has now added. An asteroid is on its way to Earth. It will reach Earth on November 2 this year. That's 24 hours before the US Presidential election takes place. When the asteroid hits mother Earth, it causes a […]

Full speech by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Berlin (Dutch subtitles)

Full speech by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Berlin (Dutch subtitles) Text speech Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Thanks everyone. Back home in the United States, the newspapers say I came here today to speak to about 5000 Nazis. And tomorrow they are going to report that, yes, I was here and that I spoke to […]

For once… Read the Volkskrant!

Teun van de Keuken posted this column in the Volkskrant .. I have no opinion about this columnist. I don't know Teun and I've never read anything from him. Not disrespectful. There are days when I miss the Volkskrant or het Parool. But I would like to share this with you: Why is corona more important […]

All scientific studies confirm: HCQ WORKS!

ALL studies of HCQ have shown that it is VERY effective against covid (and other flu viruses). Likewise, Dr. Harvey Risch. Professor of Epidemiology, Cancer Specialist and Professor of Public Health at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine. Furthermore, it does not attack healthy cells but cancer cells. It not […]

Robert F. Kennedy press conference eve revolution Berlin

International Press Conference in Berlin With Robert F. Kennedy, Heiko Schöning (Medical Doctor of RF Kennedy, (www.acu2020.org); Markus Haintz (Lawyer RF Kennedy, Querdenken Ulm) On the eve of the historic MASSA MONSTRATION on August 29 in Berlin, the cousin of assassinated President John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and his attorney Markus Haintz, meet with physician […]

Berlin Court: "No Ban Berlin Demonstration!"

The Berlin Administrative Court has lifted the ban on demonstrations against the Corona measures. A court spokesman confirmed this for YOUNG FREEDOM today. However, the demonstrations may only take place under the strict condition that the minimum distance is observed. The state of Berlin had protests against the corona restrictions registered Wednesday before the weekend, […]

Ban European mass demonstration Berlin? That was not so smart!

If it was the intention of the thugs in the German government and in the Berlin Senate to intimidate and split the new popular movement by banning the freedom demonstration next Saturday, then they have completely miscalculated. As far as can now be seen, the opposite is the case, because from many throats […]

Those who remain silent ... are ultimately to blame

Short excerpt from the speech of Michael Fritsch, Police Commissioner, Düsseldorf. In our earlier video of this speech, an essential point was not correctly translated during the speech of this Chief of Police. As a result, some will have missed the context. Full video (subtitled): 

The Hoekse and Kabeljauwse disputes on repeat?

Actually, I was no longer planning to devote myself to a column, I actually have very different plans for the future, but perhaps with this writing I am getting certain people to change their minds. If there is one thing very undesirable at this time, it is division, when all […]

Girl Blackmails Parents Through TikTok - Withdraw from the Republican Party

TIKTOK - WHY IT IS WISE TO TAKE YOUR CHILD'S PHONE FOR MISCONDUCT 15-year-old Claudia Conway has forced her parents to withdraw from the Republican Party through her TikTok campaign. Through her cell phone and TikTok app, she accused her parents of domestic violence and supported BLM with her […]

Mark Rutte: "I am not a dictator!"

Dear people, I am a man who woke up, as you call it, around the turn of the millennium. With all the scorn and backlash that you can receive from the immediate environment. Fortunately usually of short duration, as those who make fun of you are usually not interested in the 'hidden' things and usually only a […]

Government threatens GPs

Read an update at the bottom of the NineforNews article: HOW ARE DOCTORS PRESSURE TO ACT NOT ON THEIR OAT BUT THE WISHES OF THE GOVERNMENT? This plan is becoming increasingly clear. In fact, you already notice that the majority of doctors, experts and more and more people see through all the lies. It is also not so […]

Telegraaf spreads BLM lie

TELEGRAPH SPREAD BLM LIE De Telegraaf published an article entitled: “Dead and total anarchy in riots Jacob Blake”. The article also stated: "In addition to the mostly black protesters who destroy and set fire to homes or restaurants, there are also reports of extreme right-wing militias attacking people." This concerns a lie spread by Tariq Nasheed, a […]

We are being stolen by porn!

Dear CSTV Readers: I'll start by introducing myself. My name is Bob, 33 years old, and I have been annoyed for a long time about the political course that is being taken in our country. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is the deterioration of our norms and values, and how pornification and sexualization […]

Subject: The COVID Emergency Act

House of Representatives of the States General Attn. All Members of Parliament PO Box 20018 2500 EA The Hague Purmerend, 18 August 2020 Regarding: the COVID emergency act Dear members of the House of Representatives, You will soon have to vote on the bill 'Temporary Measures Act COVID-19'. On April 22, I already wrote you a letter in which I express my serious concerns […]

The daily street scene of the new normal

Should we post this? All the way from Australia? Yes! RIGHT because it happens on the other side of the world. We see exactly the same thing that happened here. The New Normal is deployed. These are now daily events and justice, freedom of speech, facts and logic are replaced by one opinion, freedom of speech […]

Live report: CommonSenseTV on the Malieveld “Together for Freedom”

Live report: CommonSenseTV on the Malieveld “Together for Freedom” Part II (23-08) by Jasper (in his own style!) Last Saturday another demonstration was held at the Malieveld in The Hague. This time in the sign "together for freedom." Together, among other things by uniting no fewer than 40 action groups. (Virus truth was not […]

The unveiling of the 'Great Reset'

These images come from the YouTube channel Spiro Skouras. In this video from June 2020, he reports on the implications of the 'Great Reset' of the World Economic Forum and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which are being accelerated in response to the corona crisis. The translated video description of Spiro's channel: For months […]