Berlin Court: "No Ban Berlin Demonstration!"

Read 5 The Berlin Administrative Court has lifted the ban on demonstrations against the Corona measures. A court spokesperson confirmed this today for YOUNG FREEDOM. However, the demonstrations may only take place under the strict condition that the minimum distance is observed. The state of Berlin had the protests against the corona restrictions that Wednesday before the weekend […]

Ban European mass demonstration Berlin? That was not so smart!

Read 6 If the ringleaders in the German government and in the Berlin Senate intended to intimidate and split the new popular movement by banning the freedom demonstration next Saturday, they have completely miscalculated. As far as can now be seen, the opposite is the case, because from […]

Those who remain silent ... are ultimately to blame

Read 1 Short excerpt from the speech of Michael Fritsch, Police Commissioner, Düsseldorf. In our earlier video of this speech, an essential point was not translated correctly during this Chief of Police's speech. As a result, some will have missed the context. Full video (subtitled): 

The Hoekse and Kabeljauwse disputes on repeat?

Read 7 Actually I wasn't planning to devote myself to a column anymore, I actually have very different plans for the future, but maybe with this writing I will make certain people change their mind. If there is one thing most undesirable in this day and age, it is division, […]

Girl Blackmails Parents Through TikTok - Withdraw from the Republican Party

Read 1 TIKTOK – WHY IT'S WISE TO CONFIRM YOUR CHILD'S PHONE FOR MISBEHAVIOR 15-year-old Claudia Conway has forced her parents to withdraw from the Republican Party through her TikTok campaign. Through her cell phone and TikTok app, she accused her parents of domestic violence and supported BLM […]

Mark Rutte: "I am not a dictator!"

Read 76 Dear people, I am a man who already woke up, as you call it, around the turn of the millennium. With all the scorn and backbiting you can receive from the immediate environment. Fortunately mostly short-lived, as those who make fun of you are usually not interested in the 'hidden' things and usually […]

Government threatens GPs

Read 67 Read an update at the bottom of NineforNews article: HOW ARE DOCTORS PRESSURED TO ACT NOT ON THEIR OTHERS BUT THE GOVERNMENT WISHES? This pandemic is becoming more and more apparent. In fact, you already notice that the majority of doctors, experts and more and more people see through all the lies. It is also […]

Telegraaf spreads BLM lie

Read 14 TELEGRAPH SPREAD BLM LIE De Telegraaf published an article called: “Dead and total anarchy in Jacob Blake riots”. The article also read: “In addition to the mostly black protesters who destroy and set fire to homes or restaurants, there are also reports of far-right militias attacking people.” This concerns a lie spread by Tariq […]