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Boycott Fred Perry taking Proud Boys polo off the market!

The British clothing brand Fred Perry stops selling its famous black and yellow polo in the United States and Canada. The reason is the success of the shirt in the worldwide Proud Boys movement. Photo: President of Proud Boys international, Enrique Tarrio 'This is very frustrating, but we do not want to meet such a right-wing in any way […]

CommonSenseTv banned from YouTube

Dear subscribers, viewers and readers, CSTV has another two-week ban. YouTube suddenly became angry about a video from a month ago that appears to be against the corona policy. The video in which Grapperhaus can be heard calling us asos was considered inappropriate and therefore inadmissible by YouTube. This one […]

Why is Trump nominating a judge just before the election?

US President Donald Trump last Saturday nominated Amy Coney Barrett to fill the spot of Chief Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died on September 18. A lot of criticism was then directed against the American president. The Republicans defended his act while saying something else with Merrick Garland in 2016, right? The GOP are […]

Bodycam Reveals: Former Trump Team Leader Sheltered With Brutal Force

Brad Parscale, who was planning a suicide attempt on Sunday, according to an official report from the police, had no firearms in his hand, according to bodycam footage that has just surfaced. Parscale, Trump's campaign manager and later associate, is said to have shot himself in his head in his home in the Seven Isles District, Florida. Because he was a danger […]

Trump demands drug test of 'Sleepy Joe'

US President Donald Trump wants his rival Joe Biden to undergo a drug test before the presidential election. Trump will then also undergo a test himself. He believes that Biden's discrepancies raise many questions in debates. On November 3, the presidential elections between current President Donald Trump will take place in the United States […]

The digital meat inspection

Tinder, Happen, Lexa and Badoo I think everyone has been on it at one point or another. If not a brief explanation: These are apps where the users can swipe through profiles looking for a match. I certainly made use of this, but because of the frustrated wankers, and the one night stand culture, this form is […]

Financial disaster: Brussels cafés have to close even earlier from today

From today, Monday 28 September, all Brussels cafés are obliged to close at 23 pm instead of 1 am. This measure is taken after Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès (MR) said on Saturday morning that Brussels had to take measures 'very quickly'. Many cafes are outraged. They testify that this will be the death knell for them: “Close two hours earlier, ...

Trump's campaign hero taken to asylum

Trump's ex-campaign manager and current digital operations adviser Brad Parscale has been taken to the insane asylum after locking himself in his home and threatening to shoot himself in the head. His wife called the police, who managed to talk him out of suicide after a brief altercation. Brad Parscale had taken refuge […]

Boys sold for a few bucks to pedos circling around Youth Care

Underage boys from youth institutions are recruited for sexual abuse by adult men. They are even picked up at the door at institutions such as Woodbrookers in Friesland. 'There are several dozen signals from several parties that indicate that underage young people are being withdrawn from legal authority. That they are pressured into sexually transgressive behavior […]

South African Farmer WALKS to the White House to speak to Trump

South African Jason Bartlett (33) wanted to speak to Trump about the farm attacks in South Africa and therefore decided to go on his own to generate attention for the genocide against whites. On New Year's Day 2020, Bartlett started his epic walking tour, departing at 8.05 from the Parliament Building in Austin, Texas, where he lives. The first […]

Column: Our great reset - Towards a true democracy!

Our great reset Towards a true democracy! More than ever, politicians prove and bring about the failure and destruction of democracy. Not only in the Netherlands and Belgium, but almost in the entire western world. Of course it has been clear for years that this breakdown is going on, but the corona hoax makes it crystal clear […]

Corona, fakenews, fakenews, fakenews from the media

The government wants to tackle “disinformation”. Which can! Then they must prohibit all media from publishing and let people who really look for the facts have their say. Here again such a beautiful example. Zwolle Now September 15: “Strong increase in Corona in Zwolle! Hospital admissions MORE than doubled! ” EenVandaag September 15: "Hospital admissions Zwolle: 0 per 100.000." In […]

Summarized information for teachers on facts about masks - Corona at school

Summary Information about facts about masks - Corona at school Dear teachers, We think it is important that you are aware of RIVM Corona figures concerning the age group of the students, parents and teachers, the effect of the masks and what possible legal and health risks playing with masks. This is good basic knowledge that you […]


ON THE MYTH OF THE VOTER'S INFLUENCE This is Part II of a series of 6 articles on why our democracy is failing. Part 1 addressed the cause of why we have to contend with so many substandard administrators and representatives of the people. In summary, there are only a maximum of 32.000 candidates available for more than 12.000 positions. That is […]

Everything you need to know about corona!

"There is no science to suggest that there should be a second wave." The “Big Pharma” insider claims that false positive results from inherently unreliable COVID tests are used to produce a “second wave” based on “new cases”. Half to almost all PCR tests are FALSE POSITIVE Dr. Mike Yeadon, a […]

The media and the Merkelians - Terrified of Trump re-election

In the election campaign for the American Elections, scenes and developments take place that consumers in the hatred of Trump-equalized German mainstream media are ignored, because they are not allowed to. However, the shock to the public in the realm of the Merkel dictatorship will be all the greater after November 3 when the […]

Prinsjesdag: falsification of history and lies of coalition!

Budget Day has also fallen prey to falsification of history and coalition lies. Now that the Golden Coach with our rich history is stored in the museum, and Willy has finished stuttering, we continue the speech from the throne. A large number of things stand out. For the first time, the king must openly admit to the public that the “multilateral […]

No more than € 2.000 in your pocket and the replacement of cash: CBDC

VVD - MORE THAN € 2.000 IN POCKET? CRIMINABLE AND YOU MAY RETURN THE SURPLUS AND € 2.500 FINE In the future, residents and visitors of Rotterdam will only be allowed to carry a maximum of two thousand euros in cash. If they have more coins and banknotes with them, they can hand them in immediately and they will be fined 2500 […]

Reich Marshal Goering: "Frighten them and say that refusers are a danger."

State propaganda then and now An interesting piece on Xander news comparisons are discussed between the corona measures now and the State propaganda in the 30s that led to the Second World War. When people make comparisons with the Third Reich or the 30s, they are often ridiculed. The collective indignation as soon as such a thing comes up is […]

Corona Flyer Promotion: Second edition

FLYER PROMOTION This promotion is from Coronanuchterheid and not from CSTV. Naturally, we always participate in these kinds of initiatives and are more than happy to draw attention to them. The 1st edition of corona flyers were distributed in July and August, to make people aware of what is going on around the corona virus. It was […]

Column Rients Hofstra: "Why reliable government?"

HOW RELIABLE GOVERNMENT? She was told that the test street in Almere was overcrowded. Harderwijk, Bussum and Amsterdam still had limited space. On the same day my son happened to drive along the test street in Almere and counted exactly 1 car and no people coming in or out of the building. Comparable observations are made via multimedia […]

Congolese president wants debt cancellation

Félix Tshisekedi spoke about this at the annual general meeting of the United Nations. The 57-year-old president says that the corona virus has hit African countries too badly. Not a postponement of payment, which Congo has already received before. Tshisekedi would like a total cancellation of all charges they borrowed. "Around the […]