Boys sold for a few bucks to pedos circling around Youth Care

Read 191 Underage boys from youth institutions are recruited for sexual abuse by adult men. They are even picked up in front of the door at institutions such as Woodbrookers in Friesland. 'There are several dozen signals from several parties that indicate that minors are being withdrawn from legal authority. That they are pressured into sexual […]

South African Farmer WALKS to the White House to speak to Trump

Read 10 South African Jason Bartlett (33) wanted to speak to Trump about the farmattacks in South Africa and therefore decided to go out on his own to generate attention for the genocide of whites. Bartlett started his epic walking tour on New Year's Day 2020, departing at 8.05:XNUMX AM from the Austin, Texas State House where he lives. […]

Column: Our great reset - Towards a true democracy!

Read 5 Our great reset Towards a real democracy! More than ever, politicians are proving and effecting the failure and destruction of democracy. Not only in the Netherlands and Belgium, but just about in the entire western world. It has of course been clear for years that this breakdown has been going on, but the corona hoax has […]

Corona, fakenews, fakenews, fakenews from the media

Read 22 The government wants to tackle “disinformation”. Which can! Then they should ban all media from publishing and let people who really look for the facts have their say. Here's another nice example. ZwolleNu 15 September: “Strong increase in Corona in Zwolle! Hospital admissions MORE than doubled!” EenVandaag September 15: “Hospital admissions Zwolle: 0 per […]

Summarized information for teachers on facts about masks - Corona at school

Read 3 Summarized Information about facts regarding mouth caps - Corona at school Dear teachers, We think it is important that you are aware of RIVM Corona figures regarding the age group of students, parents and teachers, the effect of the mouth caps and what possible legal and health risks with mouth caps. This is good basic knowledge […]


Read 3 ON THE MYTH OF THE VOTER INFLUENCE This is Part II of a series of 6 articles on why our democracy is failing. Part 1 discussed the cause of why we are faced with so many substandard administrators and representatives of the people. In summary, there are a maximum of only 32.000 candidates available for more than 12.000 positions. […]

Everything you need to know about corona!

Read 22 “There is no science to suggest there should be a second wave.” The "Big Pharma" insider claims that false positive results from inherently unreliable COVID testing are being used to produce a "second wave" based on "new cases". Half to almost all PCR tests are FALSE POSITIVE Dr. Mike […]

The media and the Merkelians - Terrified of Trump re-election

Read 19 In the election campaign for the American Elections, scenes and developments are taking place that the consumers in the hatred of Trump equated German mainstream media do not get to see, because they are not allowed to get it. However, the shock of the public in the realm of the Merkel dictatorship will be all the greater after November 3 […]

Prinsjesdag: falsification of history and lies of coalition!

Read 2 Budget Day has also fallen prey to falsification of history and coalition lies. Now that the Golden Coach with our rich history has been stored in the museum, and Willy has finished stuttering, we continue the speech from the throne. A large number of things stand out. For the first time, the king must openly admit that […]