Priest shot at his church

The priest of the Greek Orthodox Christian Church in Lyon, France, walked out at 16.00:2020 PM to lock the church. Two bullets pierced the cleric. The perpetrator has not yet been arrested. The area has been cordoned off by the police. Multiple terror attacks today in Christenhatend France French minister blamed for dirty […]

Professor Rudi Westendorp: “LIFT THE LOCKDOWN NOW!”

Professor Rudi Westendorp member of the 'Danish OMT': 'corona is also a lifestyle disease' The horse remedy from the lockdown must be removed as soon as possible, says professor Rudi Westendorp, member of the Danish Covid advisory group. Covid-19 is an old people's disease. In order to protect them, we should not close national borders, but consider which borders around this group should be. […]

Sensational news! Austrian Court declares lockdown measures unconstitutional

Sensational news from Vienna: The Constitutional Court in Austria has ruled a number of corona measures unconstitutional. According to the Court, it has not been sufficiently demonstrated that the measures are justified, proportionate or necessary. This concerns the following measures: access ban for restaurants and car washes, restrictions on the number of visitors in restaurants (four adults who do not live in the same household […]

Barcelona protesters chase police away and oppose lockdown and fake media

Last night it was hit in Barcelona and Tarragona. The people are SILLY! Catering closed. Curfew 22:00 Mandatory masking No smoking within 2 meters of a third Lockdown During weekends one is not allowed to leave the municipality THE EVER LYING MANIPULATING MEDIA (a very big topic in Spain at the moment). It […]


I feel compelled to record this video. I am in a very dire situation that I would like to tell you about. I am Patrick. I am 27 years old and I have a company in the night catering industry in Amersfoort. My company has been closed for eight months. That means that I have been […] for eight months now.

UvA receives fierce criticism after response to “Common sense”

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) has announced that it will waive the statements made by emeritus professor Karel van Wolferen in the magazine Healthy Mind. According to the UvA, 'his publications are detrimental to reliable scientific research and the dissemination of factual information, for example when it comes to corona'. The University is distancing itself because it contributes […]

The Court of Appeal in Brussels recognizes dismal corona policy

Anxiety becomes a habit, and habit a depression ... The measures kill. The Belgian variant of Virus madness (Virus Truth in the Netherlands for some time now) has achieved an important victory in court, according to Xander news. The Court of Appeal in Brussels has ruled that it cannot interfere with the opinions of virologists, and the […]

Update: Belgium only allows 0 - 1 hug contact

A new lockdown is imminent in Belgium. The consultation committee will soon go out with all the ins and outs. Certainly there will be yet another curtailment of the few social contacts that the Belgians had left. Advisory body Celeval proposes to stick to one cuddly contact and no more visitors at home […]

Pim Fortuyn in 2001 on immigration issues

PROPHETIC WORDS OF PIM FORTUYN Immigration: More than 17 years ago we had this man with a vision. A rational view of the problem. Pim Fortuyn was far ahead of his time. But common sense was not accepted and Pim had to pay with death.

Column: WE LIVE !!!

A newborn baby tries to take off a doctor's mouth mask. What a nice picture. The innocence, empathy, the wonder of the new open-minded, unbiased new life. When I look at this picture I will come home again. By myself. I can feel my feet on the ground again. I feel then […]

Fox News Ingraham on European lockdowns: "Completely insane!"

Laura Ingraham of Fox News calls the corona policy in the European countries “lunatic” and can hardly contain her laugh at how crazy it is that after the blow up of our economy we are just going into another lockdown here. This while everything is known about the virus and all States and countries that are not […]

Man goes shopping in underwear in protest against closure of 'non-essential' stores

Clothing non-essential? A two-week lockdown has been in progress in Wales since Friday. Stores are currently not allowed to sell 'non-essential' products there. Clothing is also included, but this man does not agree. Christopher Noden went to a Tesco supermarket in Newport in Wales. Because the government has banned shops from selling non-essential products, […]

Old man in Arnhem beaten to death for fun by pure-bred pearls

The Dutch police yesterday arrested five 'young people' for the fatal assault of a 73-year-old man. The facts took place in Spijkerstraat. The man was attacked in the middle of the street on Wednesday evening while he was cycling around 21.15 pm. The old man who was severely beaten was taken to hospital but he saved […]

Multiple terror attacks today in Christenhatend France

After the French Christian hatred this morning, in which the head of an elderly lady was chopped off in a church, by a Muslim man brought to Europe by Zionists, another hit man from Soros tried to attack police officers this afternoon with a knife in the southern French city of Avignon. . He was shot on the spot. The attacks follow the […]

Woman beheaded during massacre in French church

Several people have been killed in an attack with a knife in the center of Nice. A massacre ensued in which at least three Christians were sacrificed by an Islamic. An eyewitness says the attacker beheaded one of them, a woman. The culprit walked around 9 am this morning the Notre Dame basilica […]

White lawyer loses his life during farm murder to protect his daughter

38-year-old lawyer Gerrit Stander was murdered last week in his farmhouse in Mpumalanga, South Africa. The White River farm was raided by a gang of black farm attackers. Gerrit was shot like a dog in front of his wife and 8-year-old daughter, after a fierce skirmish with his killers. The whole family […]


31 October 2020 13.00:XNUMX pm Binnenhof - The Hague The nightlife, catering and entertainment sector are being hit too hard and too little recognized by the government. Relaxation of the strict rules and more financial support from the government is needed. We can no longer keep this up! More info

All-fucker Johnny de Mol

Handicapped operator and fucker (in his own words) Johnny de Mol, son of porn farmer Johnny de Mol Sr., Also likes to grab small boys by their cocks. That he does not want to hide this, is evident from the images that surfaced this week of Johnny who was so horny and stoned during an SBS6 singing competition, […]

Column - Refuel at the gas station ...

Today, at the gas station, refuel for a while. Go inside to pay… there is a woman behind thick glass with a mask on it. There was no one else inside. I asked her if it was now mandatory by Shell or something? That you have to wear a mask behind glass? “No”, she replied, “I want […]

Column Rients Hofstra: MSM - Fakenews contra news

MSM - Fakenews contra news The mainstream media is strong at condemning and ridiculing critical people. Fortunately, the MSM and the politicians are infallible. 1. Hundreds of dairy farms were unfairly locked up almost 2 years ago by Minister Carola Schouten (CU) due to suspected fraud. This sentence alone! 'Suspected fraud'. The Minister allowed […]

Daughter Joe Biden in Diary: Daddy did inappropriate things to me in the shower

An American whistleblower claims to have obtained the complete diary of Ashley Blazer Biden. The 39-year-old daughter of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. The whistleblower knows where the diary is at the moment and says it was recently written up in the run-up to and during the race for the '2020 presidential election'. […]


The Senate will be faced with a historic choice on Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 October. Are the senators following the dead end of the House of Representatives, which opted for dictatorship on 13 October? Or will the Netherlands remain a (reasonably) free country? All eyes are on the 75 senators who, if they pass the corona law, immediately see themselves […]