Column: WE LIVE !!!

Read 6 A newborn baby tries to take off a doctor's mask. What a nice picture. The innocence, empathy, the wonder of the new open-minded, unbiased new life. Looking at this picture makes me come home again. By myself. I feel my feet on the ground again. I feel […]

Fox News Ingraham on European lockdowns: "Completely insane!"

Read 2 Laura Ingraham of Fox News calls the corona policy in European countries "lunatic" and can hardly contain her laugh about how crazy it is that we are just going into lockdown again after blowing our economy. This while everything about the virus is known and all States and countries […]

Man goes shopping in underwear in protest against closure of 'non-essential' stores

Read 33 Clothing non-essential? Wales has been on a two-week lockdown since Friday. Stores are currently not allowed to sell 'non-essential' products there. Clothing is also included, but this man disagrees. Christopher Noden went to a Tesco supermarket in Newport in Wales. Because the government has banned stores from selling non-essential products […]

Old man in Arnhem beaten to death for fun by pure-bred pearls

Read 8 The Dutch police arrested five 'young people' yesterday for the fatal assault of a 73-year-old man. The incidents took place in Spijkerstraat. The man was attacked in the middle of the street on Wednesday evening while he was cycling around 21.15. The old man who was severely beaten was still taken to hospital, but […]

Multiple terror attacks today in Christenhatend France

Read 11 Following France's anti-Christian hatred this morning, in which an elderly lady's head was chopped off in a church by a Muslim man brought to Europe by Zionists, another Soros hit man tried this afternoon with a knife in the southern French city of Avignon. to fall. He was shot dead on the spot. The attacks follow […]

Woman beheaded during massacre in French church

Read 12 Several people have been killed in a knife attack in the center of Nice. A massacre ensued in which at least three Christians were sacrificed by a Muslim. An eyewitness says the attacker beheaded one of them, a woman. The perpetrator walked into Notre […]

White lawyer loses his life during farm murder to protect his daughter

Read 0 38-year-old lawyer Gerrit Stander was murdered last week in his farmhouse in Mpumalanga, South Africa. The farm in White River was raided by a band of black farm attackers. Gerrit was shot like a dog in front of his wife and 8-year-old daughter, after a violent skirmish with his killers. It […]


Read 2 31 October 2020 13.00 pm Binnenhof – The Hague Nightlife, catering and the entertainment sector are being hit too hard and too little recognized by the government. Relaxation of the too strict rules and more financial support from the government is needed. We can't take this any longer! More info

All-fucker Johnny de Mol

Read 14 Disabled operator and all-rounder (in his own words) Johnny de Mol, son of porn farmer Johnny de Mol sr., also likes to grab little boys by the cock. That he does not want to hide this is apparent from the images that emerged this week of Johnny during an SBS6 singing competition so horny and […]