VVD: 'No discussion' about Rutte's corona policy 3

The Dutch population has been experiencing what it is like to live in the corona crisis for 9 months, and that is generating resistance. At the start of the corona crisis, citizens assumed that the measures would only be short-lived, but we now know better. In fact, in 21 days, the corona crisis will be both the […]

Confusion of concepts

The great thing about using almost all words is that everyone immediately understands what you mean. A chair is a chair, however it is designed. Ask a child to draw a house and we recognize it, because despite the status of the profession of architect, there are still biscuit bakers within that profession […]

Everything you always wanted to know ……

Dr. Michael Yeadon, biologist and immunologist, gives a fascinating explanation in a video message of about 30 minutes about the human immune system, about the mistakes made with the PCR tests, about the testing policies of the regimens and about the pitfalls that still await us . He also has the solution how from this […]

The fall of Baudet

Actually, what is now happening in the FvD on behalf of the board has always been the reason why I have faithfully continued to support a party like the PVV, sooner or later it had to happen, when the PVV was founded, Geert Wilders clearly understand why he was a […]

BREAKING: Pennsylvania at your fingertips for Donald Trump

Pennsylvania Judges: Elections Unconstitutional It is likely that Pennsylvania and the other states will fall into Donald Trump's pocket because the Democrats have flouted the laws by introducing mail-in-votes. Democratic policymakers did not ask for permission, broke the law and got caught. A judge declares that […]

You may not know ……

It seems as if there is an international competition going on which country has the most infections, or even more exciting: Which country has the most fatalities. Bing.com/covid and The Johns Hopkins University, among others, keep track of the scores. The latest state of affairs: The bold Red head is only meant to terrify […]

Bizarre: Nazi VVD messages hardly received any attention on TV

For a week, the Netherlands has been under the spell of Nazi text messages within the youth movement JFvD of FvD. Active Twitterers now show that a similar situation at the JOVD - the youth movement of the VVD - passed our noses last May. Appjes in app group Lustrum Congres It is remarkable that the situation at […]

Van der Linden & Rooken steal FvD: Baudet dismissal is against statutes

Thierry Baudet was expelled from Forum for Democracy today, and according to the official FvD account on Twitter, he was also deregistered as a director at the Chamber of Commerce. However, the question is whether these actions by directors Rob Rooken and Lennart van der Linden are lawful. Thierry Baudet (left), Rob Rooken (top) & Lennart van […]

We MUST refuse to comply with this DEFINED mouth masking duty

Stop this perilous madness! It has to be said. It must. This is simply no longer possible and this has to stop. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can justify the mandatory use of a mouth mask. And there is everything to be said for NOT wearing them. We keep silent about all the dangers of mouth masks. Which […]

Rutte and the World Economic Forum

Mark Rutte kisses the hand of Klaus Schwab Klaus Schwab? Yes, until recently, few people had heard of this man. He is at the helm of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus founded it and is currently Chairman of the Board of the WEF. More and more world leaders are saying it out loud, arguing that the corona crisis is a […]

Merkel keeps going. How can you speak to adult citizens like that?

Merkel is yet another crazed EU leader Merkel has already called for ALL European ski resorts to close. (source) During a statement in which she gave an update on the corona situation in Germany, the chancellor said that any UNNECESSARY contact should be avoided. Fact: In Germany, among the population of 85.000.000 people, no one dies from corona. By lightning […]

The PCR test

About the PCR test again? Yes, again about the PCR test. Because Mark Rutte still doesn't understand. "Nobody understands that," according to Mark. I have serious doubts that Mark really does not understand. The whole PCR story is not a Dutch thing. Failure to answer the questions that Wybren van Haga times […]

Only 12% want to be vaccinated in the Netherlands

Reality hits mainstream media “The willingness of the Dutch to get vaccinated against the corona virus has declined. Research by I&O Research shows that 60 percent want to be vaccinated when a vaccine comes on the market, ”reports RTL Nieuws. Article RTL For the government and non-profit… Go to their page […]

How do these puzzle pieces fit together?

As you may know, I am an analyst and I mainly base my articles on researched facts. Sometimes I sometimes use an opinion of my own in my columns, but then I also mention that. Yet I am also, by some, accused of being a conspiracy thinker. That might be a compliment. Because the people who […]

The benefits of a belief

Based on the fact that religion has destroyed more in the course of the last 20 centuries and well before that than ever it would have liked, a change is noticeable. Yet there are also strange loveless arrangements outside of religion: grandfather and grandmother are allowed to visit their own children with, for example, […]

Senate interviews Facebook and Twitter CEOs

The censorship of Twitter, YouTube, Google and Facebook is so shameless that we are no longer surprised. While Big Tech has easily dodged regulation for years, the days of avoiding the Congressional spotlight are clearly over. When van Haga was surprised last week, his video in which he expressed his opinion about […]

A few days fewer articles: Our video channel and new website ..

For about 2 weeks, most have heard me say: "Just a few more days and our new website and our own video channel are finished!" But then another election fraud intervenes. And then this. And then that. And yet just subtitle that video because one has to see it. Or just a […]

Crazy fact-free delusions

Rutte en de Jonge: Stop it now and limit the damage! You will be caught and are going to bleed! Mark Rutte, you are ultimately responsible. De Jonge is a tyrant pur sang. You are lucky that, despite everything, we Dutch are good people. Decent people. You have abused us. Turn it back some more to turn it back […]

Fake news is not always false

By not stating all the facts, you are not necessarily lying. First two fictional messages to make things clear. Here is an excerpt from my 1st book Romke D'13: 'But a newspaper like that can't just lie, can it?' 'No Joop, I didn't say that either, it's just how you present facts. An example: […]

Justin Trudeau on The Great Reset and Agenda 2030

Those conspiracy thinkers also with their stories about The Great Reset and Agenda 2030. Watch here an excerpt from last week's President of Canada Justin Trudeau in which he speaks openly about The Great Reset and Agenda 2030 (Agenda 21). Climate change is a similar smokescreen for these globalists to achieve their goal […]