Rutte and the World Economic Forum

Read 328 Mark Rutte kisses the hand of Klaus Schwab Klaus Schwab? Yes, until recently, few people had heard of this man. He helms the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klaus founded it and is currently the WEF's board chairman. More and more world leaders are saying it out loud, arguing that the […]

Merkel keeps going. How can you speak to adult citizens like that?

Read 8 Merkel is yet another crazy EU leader Merkel has already called for ALL European ski resorts to be closed. (source) During a statement in which she gave a state of affairs about the corona situation in Germany, the chancellor said that any NEEDED contact should be avoided. Fact: In Germany, among the population of 85.000.000 people, nobody dies from corona. Through […]

The PCR test

Read 11 Again about the PCR test? Yes, again about the PCR test. Because Mark Rutte still doesn't understand. “Nobody understands that,” according to Mark. I seriously doubt that Mark really doesn't understand. The whole PCR story is not a Dutch thing. Failure to answer the parliamentary questions that Wybren van […]

Only 12% want to be vaccinated in the Netherlands

Read 10 Reality hits mainstream media in the face “The willingness of the Dutch to be vaccinated against the coronavirus has declined. Research by I&O Research shows that 60 percent want to be vaccinated when a vaccine comes on the market," reports RTL Nieuws. Article RTL For the government and non-profit… Go to […]

How do these puzzle pieces fit together?

Read 82 As you may know, I am an analyst and base my articles mainly on researched facts. Sometimes I use an opinion of myself in my columns, but then I mention that too. Yet I am also accused by some of being a conspiracy theorist. That might be a compliment. Because the […]

The benefits of a belief

Read 4 Assuming that religion has destroyed more over the past 20 centuries and far before that than it has ever loved, there is a noticeable change. Yet there are also strange unloving arrangements outside of religion: grandpa and grandma are allowed to visit their own children […]