Wind force 15

There is a calm sea breeze. The sun carefully rises through the clouds. Partly because of this, it becomes even more visible the enormous havoc caused by hurricane 'Hanneke', which has raged across the country. That's how it feels, it seems, that's how I dreamed. It was like a huge hurricane. But in reality it is another […]

The Jasper Experience # 5

The Jasper Experience # 5 The experience is the weekly new show for your weekly dose of common sense. This week Jasper talks about the Nexit, Mr. Schwab and his Great Reset, FvD-Nexit Remix “Fuck you, greetings Netherlands.”

THINKING - Part 1: The Milgram Experiment

Four experiments applicable to the coronahoax All substantive arguments against the current corona measures and their consequences have meanwhile been chewed out to death. The result is meager; we are in yet another 'intelligent' lockdown where the sole ruler is micro-managing down to the detail level which retail trade may or may not be open […]

Brexit deal finally finalized

The Brexit deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom is still closed before 2021. Prime Minister Johnson came out with the news today. It is not yet entirely clear what exactly is described in the Brexit deal. Dutch fisheries in particular were hesitant about British positions on fisheries. Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef […]

Better times are coming for people

Think for a moment how good you are. And that there are also people who are now in hiding in a safe location, separated from their children!


Bas Smit, the husband of retired TV presenter Nicolette van Dam, has collected around € 50.000 with a donation campaign for the Syrian Sakka family from Heerlen.
The refugee family that came into the news as 'victims' of their racist tokkie neighbors, turns out to be a-social and opportunistic themselves.

Farmamafia versus ignorance

Covid-19 does not appear to prevail next to, but instead of the flu. Along with SARS, MERS, and the common cold, they are all four corona family members from each other. Had Covid-19 not been invented, many current corona deaths would have died from the flu. The flu is always prevalent in the winter months, the flu kill count starts every time […]

Seat robbery of former MEPs FVD

In addition to the departure of Joost Eerdmans and Annabel Nanninga from FVD, Derk Jan Eppink, Rob Roos and Rob Rooken are also switching to JA21, the new party of Eerdmans and Nanninga. Eppink, Roos and Rooken sat on behalf of FVD in the European Parliament. “The JA21 program ties in seamlessly with the election program for which in 2019 […]

Wikipedia gets rid of page conspiracy websites

In a previously published article we showed that Wikipedia had created a page with a "List of conspiracy websites". CommonSenseTV was also included in the list. However, Wikipedia has taken the page down. The reason for this is unknown, but perhaps due to a lack of evidence. Unfounded allegations against a website that contains facts and […]

Why Mark Rutte is not there for you… ..

How can it be that Mark Rutte does not stand up for the Dutch people who have chosen him, voted for him (well, not really of course) and pays him to rule the country well and serve the people. Why should Mark Rutte cooperate in the implementation […]

France will start vaccinating on Sunday

France will start vaccinating its citizens on Sunday, December 27. The corona vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech has today been approved by the EMA and the European Commission. France is one of the first European countries to start vaccinating. Minister of Health Olivier Véran announced the news on the radio station Europe 1. “We want to […]

The man who sued Jaap van Dissel

The man who sued van Dissel On August 5 this year, insurance doctor Dr. van Rijn filed suit against Jaap van Dissel. The indictment was: Many, many more lives are lost to the lockdown than it will ever save. The Hippocratic oath has thus been violated: Primum non Nocere. Friday […]

Do you still like snow peas?

This time I don't think I need to write long text. This briefing says enough. And also take a look at the short video message from Dr. Vernon Coleman. And even more shocking news: The American nurse who got vaccinated in front of the camera and then was knocked down […]

Professor suitable for a closed institution?

Did you also read the Controversy in the NRC with bewilderment? Everyone has the right to their own opinion, everyone even has the right to get off the path. But this dispute between two professors makes you goosebumps appear on the retina. One Birgit Toebes, professor of health law at the University of Groningen, showed an insane […]

How busy is it actually in the test street ???

In my column: “World news, but it's a dime on its side”, I reported on 22 scientists who conclusively show that the PCR test is completely unsuitable for what it is being used. That should be the time to stop this nonsense. The fact that that does not happen and that they […]

“Rebuilding Better” according to the World Bank

There are people who think The Great Reset is coming. But I don't think it is… .. There is a lot of talk about The Great Reset, Build Back Better and Rebuilding Better as plans for the new future. But in Australia, part of the dark plan has already been incorporated […]

Sad politics, wrong performers

Anyone who wants something new or something better, will first have to name and demonstrate all the misery of the present in order to be able to indicate why something must change. Take our polity, which we massively mistakenly call democratic. Calmly call it anti-democratic, because there is no superlative name for undemocratic. That is a […]

Child abuse in Belgium due to lockdown doubled

Reports of violence, abuse and child abuse have risen in recent months. This is evident from figures from the Belgian helpline 1712.
'During the lockdown, people sit with their partner and often the children for almost 24 hours a day,' says Meron Knikman, chair of the Women's Council.