Judges Peru: Bill Gates, George Soros and Rockefellers created coronavirus pandemic

Gates, Soros and Rockefellers charged Three of the most evil entities on the planet were recently charged by a Peruvian court for conspiring to create the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) for world domination. Bill Gates, George Soros and several members of the Rockefeller family were believed to be responsible for the arrival and spread of the Chinese virus, which affects tens of thousands of small businesses […]

Organized ignorance

Thanks to De Kapitein. Source: Algemeen Burger Collectief https://www.facebook.com/groups/abcol ...  

Still don't want to see it? Then you figure it out!

You get very tired of it. People who don't want to listen or shrug when you press a number of facts to their noses. There are really people who do have common sense and are willing to listen and look at the facts when you talk to them about it. Which the urgency […]

I almost fell off my chair reading Marianne Zwagerman's column in the Telegraph!

The column might as well have been posted on CommonSenseTV. Not that I was surprised by Marianne's words, she often speaks accurate words and writes sharp sentences. But the fact that her critical column, apparently without (self) censorship, is in the Telegraaf, may well be considered an important turning point for the mainstream […]

They are crazy, says the layman

Some thoughts from a layman with common sense. "Has the EU allowed itself to be played by the pharmaceutical companies?" headlines the NRC. Why that question mark? And 'cheating' could have been filled in for 'playing'. And then cheating is also an understatement. Fighting a rampaged pandemic hysteria with virtual atomic bombs is what governments worldwide, in imitation of […]

Socialist mark rutte: "Build Back Better, climate neutral and Agenda21!"

Build Back Better and Agenda2030 mark rutte had to read the mandatory tune that all socialists and globalists should read. Biden's slogan: Build Back Better should be obediently repeated by all globalists. Agenda2030 was once a conspiracy theory, but now it is openly stated. We don't get it, do we? They […]

Covid-21 is ready for you

The number of deaths or serious side effects after administration of, especially the Pfizer, vaccines, CSTV has already reported on several times. But it is now so frequent that we can no longer keep up. That is already in the hundreds. Many of them are already at a blessed age, but there are also a striking number […]

The lies rule….

Would you like to know what is really happening with the corona virus? Then watch this video. Would you like to know what the real situation is with the corona measures? Then watch this video. Would you like to know the real deal with vaccines? […]

Majority of Poles on corona measures: "Enough is enough!"

Poland says: "Enough is enough!" Individual anger over the corona restrictions turns into a national protest in Poland. The majority of Polish citizens are against the government's decision to extend the national quarantine according to UCE RESEARCH. (source) Owners are struggling to make ends meet and are starting to open their businesses despite lockdown measures. […]

Vaccine manufacturer Merck stops it: Human immune system works better than vaccine

Merck, one of the world's leading vaccine manufacturers, is ending development of the Covid-19 vaccine after the 2 variants failed to elicit immune responses as strong as those of already available injections. The US pharmaceutical company also said on Monday that the studies showed that the “response of the participants was not […]

Trump establishes 'Office of the Former President'

From: TheEpochTimes Former President Donald Trump opened a “Former President's Office” on Jan. 25 to promote the interests of the United States and continue his administration's agenda. A statement from the Palm Beach County, Florida office reads: “Today, the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, formally […]

The Hunger Games Society

For almost a year, the regime has been harassing and harassing the population. The regime has a hold on us like a stranglehold. A little tighter with each exhalation. Until we will all be completely exhausted. "Scandalous and criminal". Politicians, for example, when it brags and harasses, call a group of people to […]

The Covid 19 pandemic as a welcome player in the great political game of chess

The Covid 19 pandemic as a welcome player in the great political chess game I still believe that a conscious and mutated virus like Covid 19 has spread among the people. Klaus Schwab, of the World Economic Forum, the husband of, DAS VIERTE REICH, (the fourth industrial revolution), has made a deal with Mark Rutte. […]

THAT SWEET WENDE? - by Karel Nuks

In the night of August 12-13, 1961, the construction of the Berlin Wall started. The Berlin Wall surrounded West Berlin and survived until November 9, 1989. It was, next to the Iron Curtain, the symbol of the separation of the Free West and the totalitarian Soviet Union. It took 28 years for the oppressed residents […]

Tyranny what the clock strikes

Source: https://een Oorlogreedsverloren.nl The text is the description under the video by Sven Hulleman. Tyranny at the clock Where many meekly continue to follow the government measures to curb the corona virus, discontent in society is unmistakably growing. Doubts about statistics and the policy that arise from them are also increasingly expressed […]

The Jasper Experience # 9

The Jasper Experience # 9 on CSTV Every week… here on CommonSenseTV: “The Jasper Experience” The experience is the weekly new show for your weekly dose of common sense. During this 9th experience, Jasper shows that Klaus Swaab (WEF) has a crystal ball and that you are an egoist. The peaceful protests in Amsterdam and Eindhoven by […]


COVID-19 VACCINE BIOTECHNOLOGY EXPLAINED & OVERVIEW NEW TECHNOLOGIES AND IMPLICATIONS By: Avalerion Awakes Quest for Truth. Video not visible? Click HERE: This documentary is based on the video 'Human 2.0' by Dr. Carrie Madej. In it she warns against the new, potentially human-transforming biotechnology in the Covid-19 vaccines and other technologies that are on the brink of […]

Total chaos organized by the elite!

A new vlog about how the chaos is currently being organized by the elite. I have analyzed the images of the romeos, and it shows that they are foreign stormtroopers just like the Antifa. They are out to cause unrest and disturbances in the Netherlands! They are also in telegram groups to […]

Light on, Nobody Home.

Joe Biden's press conference Puzzle of words. Apologies for the lack of subtitles, but in this case it would only get more confusing and I couldn't do this to the people who provide the subtitles. 🙂

Third World War?

Third World War? You hear some people talk about a third world war, which of course cannot be compared with the second. Or maybe a little? War is not fair, war is about corpses, war is prepared by powerful leaders, organized by generals and then carried out by the field troops. The proportions are never equal, the one […]


All shops in Heerlen have succumbed to the threats and intimidation of the culture Marxist terrorists of KOZP.
But one entrepreneur bravely stands up!
Harry the Warm Baker

Are you demolishing our city? Then we will demolish you!

Are you demolishing our city? Then we will demolish you! Know that the government wants to unleash a shock wave of horror through the people watching TV. Burning a police station and then blaming protesters. Know that the government has SELF paid rioters loot phone shops. This video of the looting of […]