Biden shows Iran that he can also bomb

America is back baby! Biden shows Iran he can bomb too. Bombing of pro-Iranian militias in Syria was neophyte Joe Biden's response to a series of Iranian provocations in the region this morning. From a military point of view, the importance of the bombs is almost nil, but the symbolism is great. According to the United States Department of Defense, […]

Trump delivers first speech since departure from White House (follow live)

Ex-President Donald Trump speaks in Orlando on Sunday at the close of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an annual gathering of leading conservatives. It will be Trump's first public appearance since he left the White House on January 20. According to American media, he wants to emphasize in the speech that he is still the leader of the […]

Curfew, 1,5 meters, closure of catering and mouth masks work. Not!

RIVM reports 356 new corona infections, slightly higher than the weekly average PROVINCE OF UTRECHT - In the province of Utrecht, 356 new infections were registered with the RIVM in the past XNUMX hours. One person has also died as a result of the corona virus, five new corona patients have been admitted to hospital. The number of infections is therefore slightly higher than the average […]

Just another Saturday during the lockdown

Just a Saturday during the lockdown The weekend before the “possible” openings of the catering industry. Short compilation of drinking coffee, dancing for freedom, opening of the terraces and the police action. What a world:  

The fairytale book called Algemeen Dagblad

To report some fresh and other-sided news, we found a nice article with the professionals of Den Nederlandsche Media het Algemeen Dagblad. A number of residents in Hoppesteyn Nursing Home got complaints a day after the corona prick. A media platform that is completely absorbed in the corona story gives it a wonderful spin: The AD: Large […]

15.503 Covid deaths, is that right?

The MSM, commissioned by the RIVM, wants us to believe that 15.503 people have already died of Covid-19 after exactly one year. But this turns out to be pure manipulation. After all, nothing could be further from the truth. However, an additional part of the message makes us brainwash that the number would be vastly higher if […]

The police are no longer your best friend

Recently I had an interesting conversation with a police officer, someone who has been with the police for 20 years. The conversation was about the changed attitude of the police. At least, my question to her was whether the police have a different attitude today than they used to. After all, we used to say: The Police is your best friend. But […]

Heibel in the tent on the left

Watch them go CNN still talks about Donald Trump almost daily. They just can't miss him. But there is not much to tell at the moment. CNN Boss Jeff Zucker, who is the instigator of the CNN smear against Donald Trump, finds life so meaningless without Trump that he is there […]

No lockdown? Lowest unemployment, happy people and booming economy

GOVERNMENT Has Crushed The Economy South Dakota's Republican Governor Kristi Noem told the annual Conservative conference on Feb. 27 that lockdowns and other restrictions imposed by state and local governments are to blame for the 2020 economic crash. Not the pandemic they are seeking "defeat". Kristi Noem is of course […]

I am a general practitioner and I ask questions

By General practitioner Bettina van Steenis Source: When the general practitioner asks questions about the Covid vaccines I am a general practitioner and I am expected to work on the basis of scientific and ethical standards. When I inject people with a certain substance into their bodies, I have to know what I am injecting, why and what the advantages and disadvantages are. In addition, […]

Coca Cola to employees: "Don't be too white!"

Coca Cola to staff: "Don't be too white!" Diversity training Coca-Cola employees were urged to be “less white” as part of the company's diversity training - but the material was taken offline following a viral whistleblower post. The "Fighting Racism" course in question was offered by LinkedIn Education and used by the soda titan. "In the U.S […]

GVG4 with Paul Meijer: Framing & Coupe perpetrators part 2

Part 2 of # GVG4 In this first episode Paul Meijer from Forza Netherlands is a guest in Jasper's studio. Paul was brought up in politics by none other than Pim Fortuyn and started his own movement at the municipal level after the political murder. In the # GVG4, Common Sense Talks we invite interesting […]

The musical chairs

The musical chairs Wednesday 17 March 2021. 2nd chamber elections. The day on which the unsuspecting Dutch chose for their downfall. Having said this, my confidence in fellow citizens has fallen. Because some do not yet see the seriousness of the situation and just party. As it looks now, we will never hit the Corona again […]

World Economic Forum "commercial" reduction of world population.

World Economic Forum "commercial" reduction of world population. A fantastic promo from the WEF Promo of the World Economic Forum calls for population reduction? Why clean air, empty streets, ideal climate if we CANNOT go outside? In other words, "if we are not allowed to live"

A Corona-denying family

My message on CSTV about the report against a doctor on duty due to forgery, made the news on the famous Alphense information website Thanks to the readers of CommonSenseTV, who ensured that this message not only arrived in Alphen, but spread throughout the Netherlands. (Thanks also to […]

Plea note Jeroen Pols: what the cabinet does is not possible.

The following texts and the video are taken directly from A War Already Lost below the video on the YouTube channel: Source: A War Already Lost Plea Note Virus Truth: What the Cabinet Can't Do | Jeroen Pols “We have been living in a society that is unworthy of the rule of law for almost a year now. Policy must be fair and […]

GVG4 with Paul Meijer: Framing & Coupe perpetrators part 1

We proudly present part 1 of # GVG4 Framing and coupe perpetrators. Finally a good conversation on CommonsenseTV. In this first episode, Paul Meijer from Forza Netherlands is a guest in Jasper's studio. Paul was brought up in politics by none other than Pim Fortuyn and after the political murder […]

Democracy or dictatorship?

Shit on the marble. Politicians cannot be trusted. With one hand they grab hold of power and with the other hand they grab hold of the greenhouse. I don't trust the Government. I don't trust the Army. I do not trust the Police and the Marechaussee. I don't trust the Boas. […]

Marine Le Pen has a serious chance

Opinion researchers see neck-and-neck race with Macron Even the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” was worth a shocked headline: “Why Marine Le Pen could become president,” the newspaper headlined on Tuesday. The background is current opinion polls, which see the chairwoman of the right-wing National Assembly (RN) in a vigorous catch-up hunt for incumbent President Macron. At the moment, the […]

The Jasper Experience # 13

The Jasper Experience # 13 During this thirteenth show, Jasper shows that trust in the police and the judiciary is nil, he announces studio guest and party founder Paul Meijer. In the # GVG4 he talks about the framing, the attacks and the coupe committed at his club. Furthermore, you are taken back to the past […]

Historical images: The end of Hugo de Jonge

Historical images Hugo de Jonge has completely disqualified himself tonight as a minister and as a person during the corona debate. The Netherlands woke up in one fell swoop. It is midnight but hugo is trending with almost 100.000 negative tweets… You can feel from everything that the entire House of Representatives (except for a handful) is involved in this plan or […]

WHO representatives: End of pandemic in sight, even without vaccines

We received a striking message from RT Germany by email with the headline: WHO representatives: end of the pandemic in sight - apparently even without vaccination We report what RT reports because we cannot speak seriously about “infections”, not even about positive tested because the test does not work and not even over corona. […]

FvD'ers stand up and defend our democracy!

FvD'ers stand up and defend our democracy! During the FvD campaign in Roosendaal, Thierry Baudet called on FvD'ers to check in all polling stations in the Netherlands whether things are going fair and to take a photo of the results PER LOCAL. "There are 2 ways it can go wrong," said Thierry Baudet about the upcoming elections […]