No lockdown? Lowest unemployment, happy people and booming economy

Read 0 The GOVERNMENT has crushed the economy South Dakota Republican Governor Kristi Noem told the annual conservative conference on February 27 that lockdowns and other restrictions imposed by state and local governments are to blame for the economic crash in 2020. Not the pandemic that they try to “beat”. Kristi Mention […]

I am a general practitioner and I ask questions

Read 2 By GP Bettina van Steenis Source: When the GP asks questions about the Covid vaccines I am a GP and expected to work on the basis of scientific and ethical standards. When I inject a certain substance into people's bodies, I have to know what I'm injecting, why and what the pros and cons are. […]

Coca Cola to employees: "Don't be too white!"

Read 3 Coca Cola to staff: “Don't be too white!” Diversity training Coca-Cola employees were urged to be “less white” as part of the company's diversity training – but the material was taken offline after a viral whistleblower post. The "Counting Racism" course in question was offered by LinkedIn Education and used by the soda titan. "In […]

GVG4 with Paul Meijer: Framing & Coupe perpetrators part 2

Read 3 Part 2 of #GVG4 In this first episode, Paul Meijer from Forza Nederland is a guest in Jasper's studio. Paul was raised in politics by none other than Pim Fortuyn and after the political assassination he started his own movement at the municipal level. In the #GVG4​, Common Sense Conversations invite […]

The musical chairs

Read 2 The musical chairs Wednesday, March 17, 2021. Second chamber elections. The day on which the unsuspecting Dutch chose their downfall. Having said that, my trust in fellow citizens has dropped Because some do not yet see the seriousness of the situation and just start partying. As it looks like we are hitting the Corona […]

World Economic Forum "commercial" reduction of world population.

Read 3 World Economic Forum ¨commercial¨ world population reduction. A fantastic promo from the WEF Promo of the World Economic Forum calls for population reduction? Why clean air, empty streets, ideal climate if we are not allowed outside anyway? In other words ¨ if we are not allowed to live

A Corona-denying family

Read 25 My message on CSTV about the report against a sentry doctor, for forgery, made the news on the famous Alphen information website Thanks to the readers of CommonSenseTV, who ensured that this message not only arrived in Alphen, but spread throughout the Netherlands. (Thanks […]

Plea note Jeroen Pols: what the cabinet does is not possible.

Read 9 These following texts and the video are taken directly from Een War Reeds Verloren under the video on the YouTube channel: Source: Een Krijgs Verloren Pleitnota Virus truth: what the cabinet does is not possible | Jeroen Pols “We have been living in a society that is unworthy of the rule of law for almost a year now. Policy must […]

GVG4 with Paul Meijer: Framing & Coupe perpetrators part 1

Read 1 We proudly present part 1 of #GVG4​ Framing and coupe perpetrators Finally a good conversation on CommonsenseTV. In this first episode, Paul Meijer from Forza Netherlands is a guest in Jasper's studio. Paul was raised in politics by none other than Pim Fortuyn and after the […]

Democracy or dictatorship?

Read 3 Shit on the marble. Politicians cannot be trusted. They grab power with one hand and grab the cash with the other. I don't trust the government. I don't trust the Army. I don't trust the Police and the Marechaussee. I trust the […]