How many covid-19 deaths are there really?

Covid-19 Patient Notification System (CPNS) It is of the utmost importance that the fear remains good at you. It is for this reason that the young and rutte do not like it so much when Van Haga again comes up with justified and critical questions. Many real news sites are censored or even outright […]

Court orders: Belgium must lift 'all corona measures' within 30 days

Belgium must lift 'all corona measures' within 30 days, Brussels court ruled. The Belgian State has been ordered by the Court of First Instance in Brussels to lift 'all corona measures' within 30 days, on pain of a penalty. The League for Human Rights had filed the lawsuit. Among other things, the complainants are fighting the system of […]

The new normal? - Children who try to commit suicide for fear.

Reports from the UK. The new normal? - Children attempting suicide for fear that their family will incur Covid The actions of the government in following a science that involves the imposition of dictatorial tyranny and depriving the general public of their rights and freedoms in order to supposedly prevent the spread […]

A small piece of the Anne Frank foundation. Your thoughts please.

I have just posted a piece of the Anne Frank Foundation here in the hope that many will see the similarities. (or being able to disprove it, of course) I could have added this piece to so many articles here on CommonSense, but was afraid it would lose its impact. There are now so many […]

BPOC2020 at the table about their 53 police officers' witness interviews!

There will be a second interim report of the BPOC2020, especially with all police interrogations and the associated findings and recommendations of the committee. Sensational! Pre-order this book that will be published in May here: By: De Blauwe Tijger


The naturalist One day, a naturalist decided to take a trip through the most inhospitable regions of the Andes. Western civilization had barely penetrated these regions and he believed that natural phenomena were still waiting to be discovered in these pristine areas. He was a famous man. He stood […]

Van Ranst probably received monthly wages early.

Marc van Ranst probably received his corona budget from the gates foundation early this month. He makes himself heard again, and not just a little bit. Van Ranst warns against 'super spreaders': 'These are the people you definitely want to be quarantined' Not only the number of infections is increasing daily, there is […]

No more AstraZeneca, just so you know.

No more AstraZeneca? Good news I hear you think. But do not undermine yourself, this is only a name change. The vaccine from the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca is now called Vaxzevria. The Swedish medicines agency reports this on the basis of data from the European medicines agency EMA. On March 25, the EMA approved the name change of the AstraZeneca vaccine […]

Behavioral instruction Museumplein >> Sample letter! Citizen front.

The message below has been taken from Take advantage of it. Thanks to our regular reader Monique. Behavioral instruction Museumplein >> Sample letter! Did you receive a so-called 'behavioral instruction' during an event on the museum square? Download the sample letter here to destroy this legal act! Do you have a so-called 'behavior instruction' during an event on the museum square […]

What do you mean dictatorship? Police are clearing park because ... very busy.

Police ruin citizens' day again The police had to mess up the atmosphere again today. Wherever they turn up they cause problems. They are like hooligans or Antifa. This time the people of Maastricht were the sjaak. Because of the beautiful weather, people had gathered in the city park. Socializing. To talk. You know. What people do. Which […]

Sionkerk Urk: The selective indignation about the comparison with SS men

Sionkerk Urk: Journalists are morons and terrorists. Even the SS acted more friendly 'Oh dear. The Netherlands and the media are turned upside down. Poor journalists who were denounced as SS and terrorists. There was a time when talking about this seriously and not condemning these kinds of comparisons was taboo. But that time is over […]

Amish, Mennonite communities in Pennsylvania may have achieved group immunity

Amish and Mennonite communities in a Pennsylvania county may have achieved immunity to the CCP virus, a local health official said. Allen Hoover, an administrator at the Parochial Medical Center in the heart of the Amish community in New Holland Borough, Lancaster County, said he believes that in as many as nine out of ten households in the local Amish and Mennonite communities there are […]

Biden opens borders: 861 criminals have been arrested, including 92 sex offenders

Joe Biden plunges America into immigration crisis. That was also his election threat so it's no surprise. A Border Patrol department head reported that since the start of the fiscal year, more than 861 criminals have been found at the border, including 92 sex offenders and 63 gang members. “Within the great number of groups found in” […]

Vaccination gate: Again blood clots due to AstraZeneca vaccine

Just pierce! Lack of fundamental rights and side effects! The German health department reported that another 21 people who recently received the AstraZeneca vaccine developed blood clots. (source) (source) Seven of the people who had blood clots have died, said the Paul Ehrlich Institute, Germany's federal medical regulatory agency. Nineteen of those affected by the blood clots were women and […]

You will own nothing!

By 2030 we will live in slavery and own nothing anymore! It is nothing short of astonishing that Mark Rutte can pass this message on to us and that the Dutch people ignore this information carelessly and without popular uprising. Rutte was already clear about his enthusiasm for the Build Back Better movement last summer. In practice […] means

Dutch reporters attacked, one hit by car during Covid rule-breaking churches report.

Dutch reporters attacked, one hit by car during Covid rule-breaking churches report. Dutch news crews were attacked in two cities on Sunday while interviewing members of Protestant churches who defy the restrictions of Covid-19. A man was arrested on suspicion of driving a journalist in. A news team from broadcaster RTV Rijnmond was attacked in the city of Krimpen […]

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: “PCR test does not work. Governments are degrading and without empathy ”

The PCR test does not work. Does it get through what that means? Dr. Reiner Fuellmich about the non-working PCR test: Source video: Kettner-Edelmetalle (Gold & Silber) We have discussed it before and substantiated with enough sources that the PCR test does NOT work. (source) (source) (source) That is to say: The PCR test has not been created, or is not able, to detect infections or […]

May I have your attention, please ? 25/03/21 what a special day that was.

  Do you remember? The pieter oversees that kajsa played ollongren on 25/03/21? Or perhaps the bomb threat in the courtyard…. yes 25/03/21. But did you also know that on the same day the european council met to discuss and determine the future / the new normal for you and your children […]

US Air Force General Lieutenant McInerney: “Time is running out. The time is against us! ”

General United States Air Force Lieutenant Thomas McInerney is a retired lieutenant general of the United States Air Force who served in top military positions under the President of the United States and the Secretary of Defense. McInerney was a forward air traffic controller and fighter pilot during the Vietnam War and had flown 407 combat missions during his four shifts. Next […]

Officials find 29 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine in Italian facility

Officials find 29 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccines in Italian facility The firm says they are destined for the EU, and as donations to poor countries Officials in Italy claimed to have found about 29 million AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine doses in a facility. The company appeared to confirm the finding, saying they were intended […]