Catholic priest demolishes Joe Biden: "Over my corpse"

Catholicism and Climate The unjustified president of the United States Joe Biden has turned America into a country with dystopian features within a few weeks. The country is crazy and is becoming dumber and dumber, according to Newsmax presenter Schmitt .. (source) Rationality and logic are hard to find and are dismissed as hatred and terrorism by the […]

De Opstap in conversation with Désirée Röver

A medical research journalist with 25 years of experience in the arena of the dangers of vaccinations and life-conforming medicine does not mince words about the experimental Covid injections - which are in reality unstoppable and irreversible genetic manipulations ... The statements, views and opinions in this column are exclusively those of the author […]

Not yet fully sprayed "GREEN".

Going on a summer holiday again with a 'green certificate': what does that look like? Do I need to be vaccinated to get such a green certificate? No. And this is an important condition that many countries, including the Netherlands, set in advance. They do not want people whose turn it is not yet to be vaccinated, or […]

Who's crazy here?

I cannot check whether the translation is correct. I have no knowledge of the Russian language. But I don't want to withhold this short video, which could also have been from Lucky TV.

My condolences in advance

Imagine having 100.000 euros in the bank. That is not the case for most people. But suppose that gives a feeling of wealth. Imagine having 1.000.000 euros. Then we may no longer have a feeling, but really […]

Stop the Billionaires

The theory of the wappies is that the world is controlled and manipulated by a group of billionaires. This group is characterized by eagerness, lust for power and abuse of the people. In the words of George Carlin: “it's a big club and you ain't in it”. (1) The “conspiracy theory” in a nutshell: The […]

The racism card. Fake and inflammatory

The racism card is being drawn again Racism is out of the question, we all agree on that. You cannot judge someone by just his or her color or origin. That is how I am in any case. But if there is one thing that makes you tired of it, it is the people […]

FBI searches Rudy Giuliani's apartment

FBI searches Rudy Giuliani's apartment The FBI has searched the home of former New York City mayor and former President Donald Trump's attorney Rudi Giulani. Electronic devices have been confiscated. Giuliani's attorney Robert Costello told Fox News that seven FBI agents were in his apartment at 28 a.m. on April 06.00 […]

Consider a conspiracy (s)?

What does the word conspiracy think say anyway? Well, simply, at least there is THOUGHT. People who blindly carry out all assignments, without asking themselves on the basis of which measures are taken, cannot be blamed for this. Often not recently, when it concerns not scientifically substantiated measures with regard to the Covid hysteria. People who are not […]

Video Reiner Fuellmich: “We are at a tipping point” (Update: Video is back)

Tipping point As we know, Reiner Fuellmich is the face of a massive movement and a large team preparing a tribunal against those responsible for what he himself calls this greatest crime of all time against humanity. He sees it positively. “We are at the tipping point,” said Fuellmich. “There are so many mistakes […]

Andrea Haberl (AfD): “Report sick. Stop working. This system must fail! ”

“This vaccine is absolutely life-threatening” Last week, German politician Andrea Haberl of the AfD (Alternativen für Deutschland) shocked the world with an audio recording she posted on her Telegram channel. She said that all these dictatorial corona measures have nothing to do with corona. Andrea herself is in politics and sees with her own eyes […]

Letter to the publicans of the state

Dear right-minded readers, Like every family in the Netherlands, we were also delighted with a blue envelope containing the assessment for municipal taxes and water board taxes. That had to sink in for a while and I wrote the publicans of the state the letter below. ——————– Nergenshuizen, April 13, 2021 To: Tax collectors from the municipality and water board, PO Box 666, 1984 […]

Cryptocurrency: Investors Scammed for Millions

That's bad luck! 240 million away This past weekend has been difficult for some cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have lost all the money in their Trust Wallet due to a scam that gave the scammers access to their entire wallets. The victims invested in efarms, a new cryptocurrency launched by elonfarms, which operated with a Twitter account (@elonfarms), a website ( […]

The government no longer knows either: Now IC´s full of vaccinees again!

We do not want to withhold this piece of Niburu from you ... Blessed are the fools who let themselves be played with in this deadly game ... Unfortunately, many are friends or relatives. Rutte and the young don't remember either, ICs full of vaccinated people The duo that has been holding the population hostage for over a year now falls […]


INTRODUCTION Within a year, the regime has thrown to pieces everything we loved in March 2020. I say 'was still sweet'. Because now the proportion of the population that can still remember what was dear to us has literally been decimated. The nappies (the diaper-wearing, slavish mob) have long since forgotten those fundamental values ​​[…]

An awake Groningen person: How complicit are you in the corona damage?

Articles by Vicki Van Lommel regularly appear in the Groningerkrant: Van Lommel is a columnist, research and science journalist and writes about sustainability, climate, energy, circular economy, politics and society. A long column but definitely worth reading. How complicit are you in the corona damage? Many people facilitate a climate in which the […]

Wierd Duk? Strike away from journalist list

Is there really no one more? Are there really no journalists in the Netherlands who are sincere and who are not controlled from above or driven by interests and / or money? Fortunately, among all those corrupt crooks of the mainstream media who wrote us about this situation, there are always a few […]

This battle calls for a mental 180 ° turn

We fight against ourselves! Time and again we are put in a position where we are "self-defined awake" with ourselves again. But are we as awake as we think we are? What I want to say is this: Example: The figures and the reporting on the number of deaths of the […]

Not Dutch Minister President ruf (t) in Logica!

And we all accept this? The road to The Hague is simply signposted people! mark ruf (t) te did it again. For the fourth time in a row, his right-wing liberal VVD is the largest party from the polls. The VVD is advancing a few seats and is head and shoulders above the others […]

The end of the International Court of Justice

For a long time I have had serious doubts about the fundamental truth behind this 'pandemic'. But after more than a year of research, I have no more doubts. Now that I have convincingly concluded that sars-cov-2 is a fabrication and covid-19 is also a fabrication, it hasn't made my life any easier. Because it […]

For information: Write out vaccination plan

This article was updated on April 25, 2021. The RIVM has unsolicited an unsolicited my.rivm page created for every citizen that shows whether you have been vaccinated against C. This information can be shared with third parties. I think something about that and I have kindly requested by e-mail to remove this page immediately. Do you want […]

CSTV Podcast Episode 2: Family and Friends

CSTV Podcast episode 2: Family and friends After the first podcast together with Niels, which I looked up to a bit, we received a lot of nice emails and requests for topics to discuss during one of our broadcasts. People also sent us tips and feedback. Exactly what we were hoping for. While […]

The dirty 'big reset' secret behind big corporations' new war on conservatives

In recent months, hundreds of large corporations and financial institutions have rallied around liberal goals, even enacting policies directly targeting conservatives or their views. For example, on April 14, hundreds of the world's largest companies and financial institutions, including Amazon, Google, Netflix and Starbucks, signed a statement opposing "discriminatory legislation" […]