Video Reiner Fuellmich: “We are at a tipping point” (Update: Video is back)

Read 34 Tipping Point As we know, Reiner Fuellmich is the face of a huge movement and a large team preparing a tribunal against those responsible for what he calls what he calls the greatest crime of all time against humanity. He sees it positively. “We are at the tipping point,” said Fuellmich. “There are so […]

Andrea Haberl (AfD): “Report sick. Stop working. This system must fail! ”

Read 52 “This vaccine is absolutely life-threatening” Last week, German politician Andrea Haberl of the AfD (Alternativen für Deutschland) shocked the world with a sound recording she posted on her Telegram channel. She announced that all these dictatorial corona measures have nothing to do with corona. Andrea is in politics herself and sees […]

Letter to the publicans of the state

Read 2 Dear right-thinking readers, Like every family in the Netherlands, we were also delighted with a blue envelope containing the assessment for municipal taxes and water board taxes. That had to sink in for a while and I wrote the tax collectors of the state the letter below. ——————– Nowhere Houses, April 13, 2021 To: Tax collectors of the municipality and water board, PO Box […]

Cryptocurrency: Investors Scammed for Millions

Read 1 That's bad luck! 240 Million Gone This past weekend has been difficult for some cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have lost all the money in their Trust Wallet due to a scam that gave the scammers access to their entire wallet. The victims invested in efarms, a new cryptocurrency launched by elonfarms, which operated with a Twitter account (@elonfarms), a […]

The government no longer knows either: Now IC´s full of vaccinees again!

Read 5 We don't want to withhold this piece from Niburu from you… Blessed are the fools who allow themselves to be played with in this deadly game… Unfortunately, many are friends or relatives. rutte and the young don't know either, ICs full of vaccinated people The duo that has been taking the population hostage for over a year now […]


Read 4 INTRODUCTION Within a year, the regime has shattered everything that was dear to us in March 2020. I say 'was still sweet'. Because now the proportion of the population that can still remember what was dear to us has literally been decimated. The nappies (the diaper-wearing, servile mob) are those fundamental values ​​[…]

An awake Groningen person: How complicit are you in the corona damage?

Read 6 Pieces by Vicki Van Lommel are regularly published in the Groningerkrant: Van Lommel is a columnist, research and science journalist and writes about sustainability, climate, energy, the circular economy, politics and society. A long column but well worth reading. How complicit are you in the corona damage? Many people facilitate a climate […]

Wierd Duk? Strike away from journalist list

Read 7 Is there really no more? Are there really no more journalists in the Netherlands who are sincere and who are not controlled from above or driven by interests and/or money? Fortunately, among all those corrupt crooks from the mainstream media who have written us to this situation, there are always a […]

This battle calls for a mental 180 ° turn

Read 4 We fight against ourselves ! Again and again we are put in a position where we self-described awake¨ fight with ourselves again. But are we really as awake as we think we are? What I mean by this is this: Example: The numbers and reporting on the number of deaths […]