Fuellmich: "These weeks big things are going to happen on three different continents."

Article 32 of the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949: “The High Contracting Parties expressly agree that each of them is prohibited from taking any measure which causes physical suffering or extermination of protected persons in their power. This prohibition does not only concern deprivation of life, torture, corporal punishment, mutilation and medical or scientific […]

86% of children suffer from side effects after the Pfizer vaccine trial

Damaged blood vessels A fact sheet from the US drug watchdog FDA shows that 86 percent of the children who participated in a Pfizer vaccine trial experienced side effects ranging from 'mild' to 'severe'. During vaccine trials, children aged 12 to 15 were given mRNA vaccines, after which their cells produced spike proteins that entered their blood. From scientific […]

NewTime LIVE - From the system

NieuweTijd LIVE – Out of the system We live consciously or unconsciously in all kinds of systems that offer us opportunities or impose restrictions. Think of the political system or a family system that we participate in on a daily basis but that we have not asked for. Is it also possible to leave the system? Merlyn from […]

And then, the police came in.

June 2, 2021 Update. See below You experience quite a bit as a columnist of CommonSenseTV. When I offered my first column to Danny from CSTV and he posted it on the website, I was happy to have a platform to educate and 'wake up' people about the disinformation and […]

Reiner Fuellmich: “In Israel people are dying from German vaccines”

People in Israel die of German vaccines, says Fuellmich. Striking statement. Controversial? Can facts be controversial? Reiner Fuellmich. He is the figurehead of a movement that is filing lawsuits against governments and preparing a tribunal together with a hard core of about 50 men and supported by an army of lawyers, experts and scientists […]

Got caught! How we are lied to and manipulated

Scammers Perhaps these images are already familiar to many, but it is good to show again. A compilation of a number of well-known figures who do nothing more than cheat us for our own interest, attention and especially power. We found this video on StopWorldControl. A website worth visiting in […]

The Audiokrant # 39

De Audiokrant episode 39 In the thirty-ninth edition, Niels Lunsing talks to Patricia Mensink from AlwarenessTV, Guido Jonkers from Wanttoknow & Danny from CommonsenseTV. Patricia gives an overview of the latest interviews she gave in De Audiokrant. Last Tuesday, Dennis Spaanstra of Police For Freedom was a guest at AlwarenessTV. Dennis is involved in the […]

44-year-old BBC presenter Lisa Shaw dies from Astra Zeneca vaccine

44-year-old BBC presenter dies from Astra Zeneca vaccine And that sentence is correct. Death is a direct result of the vaccine that caused a blood clot. Good heavens, what will this mRNA vaccine, which will never leave your body, do to the vaccinees in the long term? BBC presenter Lisa Shaw passed away today after she […]

Real heroes in politics. They still exist!

Real heroes in politics. They still exist! Austrian politician Dagmar Belakowitsch-Jenewein of the FPÖ. She studied medicine at the University of Vienna and the University of Graz and graduated as Dr. med. univ. She became a board member of the local party in Vienna in 2006 and was elected to the National Council the same year. In 2008 she succeeded Barbara Rosenkranz as […]

Erasmus MC a terrorist stronghold?

Erasmus MC a terrorist stronghold? 'Erasmus MC researchers have succeeded in creating a super-deadly variant of the bird flu virus. So dangerous that it is considered not to publish the results'. If this is true, are they completely detached from god? In that case, the answer is a resounding YES! What makes people […]

Update Reiner Fuellmich: New positive developments around Corona scandal

Update from Reiner Fuellmich of May 20, 2021 In this short video, Reiner Fuellmich gives a short update on developments regarding the preparation of his tribunal against, among others, the authorities and other persons responsible for this greatest crime of all time. He also emphasizes very clearly that the infamous Wuhan virus has not been correctly reported by ANYONE […]

CSTV Podcast # 3

CSTV Podcast # 3: About our website, the vaccinations and much more Welcome to the 3rd CommonSenseTV podcast in which Niels and Danny talk about the dangers of the vaccines, the CSTV website, the media and much more. Have fun listening!

Be quick because stock is limited!

You know these marketing tricks from commercial companies that want to encourage you to buy. This works for many people: 'Oh dear, if I don't buy it now, it might not be there later ……' Awake people of course realize that there is never a shortage. If a product sells well, then […]

Sywert van Lienden a psychopath?

Sywert van Lienden a psychopath? The Ministry of Hugo the Terrible donated Sywert van Lienden millions extra for mouth masks. Sywert van Lienden a psychopath? The Ministry of Hugo the Terrible donated Sywert van Lienden millions extra for mouth masks. Why is unclear. Quite a few people read these kinds of messages, shake their heads and only speak […]

Sign petition against fascist COVID passport!

Dear CommonSenseTV Readers & Viewers, We may still be able to stop the covid passport entry! We need a million votes for this. Together we can do this, share this petition as much as possible! We are all in this together, please sign this petition and help spread it across Europe to stop this madness.


93 doctors make urgent appeal: do not give corona vaccine to children. No less than 93 Israeli doctors have signed a letter urging not to give corona vaccines to children. The doctors point out that the prevailing view within the scientific community is that the vaccine cannot cause herd immunity. For that reason it is […]

The AudioKrant # 38

De AudioKrant # 38 This week Niels talks to writer Pieter Stuurman, Dwight Samson from RTDutch & Jeroen Arents from OPN. NieuweTijd Podcast · De Audiokrant edition 38

39-year-old model dies from Astra Zeneca vaccine

39-year-old model dies from Astra Zeneca vaccine at 39 years. No chance of dying from “corona”. But the shot was fatal. This sad story plus the inevitable that the big pharmas will try to push this off again and politicians and media keep silent must finally send a signal […]

Covid vaccine causes heart inflammation in teens and young adults

They come for our children. They come for your children and it goes wrong. People who don't come here (often), perhaps despise us and get themselves and their families vaccinated and happen to read this: Is it normal to play Russian Roulette with the lives of you and your children? Is that responsible if parents […]

You can't know everything ...

If I were to be the health minister and properly carry out my duties associated with that position, I would not be relying on just a handful of bread-eating (interested) prophets to outline my policies. If you are looking for the right detergent to clean your patio tiles, if you click [...]

Call to become self-sufficient

Call to become self-sufficient When I was pressed hard again last week on the facts, because I watched a video that “Your best friend watches with you on YouTube”, so this video: I just became nauseated by that Rudy Bouma, who appreciated a […]

NieuweTijd LIVE - Alternative polity with Rients Hofstra

NieuweTijd LIVE - Alternative polity with Rients Hofstra In the fourth livestream Niels talks with Rients Hofstra about an alternative polity. Rients has been the writer of several books for years in which he speaks about an alternative polity. The new media increasingly asks him to write for De Andere Krant, De OPN Krant & CommonSenseTV. […]

Wikipedia: tool for 'perception management'

Wikipedia is the popular, 'authoritative' internet encyclopedia known as objective. Wikipedia is number five of the most visited websites. Google provides this website as the first search result. However, the internet encyclopedia is not what it seems. It is precisely because of its official and reliable aura that Wikipedia is the instrument for 'perception management' in which large-scale falsification of history and character murder […]