Update Reiner Fuellmich: New positive developments around Corona scandal

Read 37 Update from Reiner Fuellmich of 20 May 2021 In this short video Reiner Fuellmich gives a short update on developments regarding the preparation of his tribunal against, among others, the governments and other responsible for this greatest crime of all time. He also emphasizes very clearly that the notorious Wuhan virus has been […]

CSTV Podcast # 3

Read 3 CSTV Podcast #3: About our website, the vaccinations and much more Welcome to the 3rd CommonSenseTV podcast in which Niels and Danny talk about the dangers of the vaccines, the CSTV website, the media and much more. Have fun listening!

Be quick because stock is limited!

Read 19 You know these marketing tricks from commercial companies that want to encourage you to buy. That works for many people: 'Oh dear, if I don't buy it now, it might not be there later…' Of course, awake people realize that there is never a shortage. If a product sells well, then […]

Sywert van Lienden a psychopath?

Read 4 Sywert van Lienden a psychopath? The Ministry of Hugo the Terrible donated millions to Sywert van Lienden for mouth caps. Sywert van Lienden a psychopath? The Ministry of Hugo the Terrible donated millions to Sywert van Lienden for mouth caps. Why is unclear. Quite a few people read these kinds of messages, shake their heads and speak […]

Sign petition against fascist COVID passport!

Read 8 Dear CommonSenseTV Readers & Viewers, We may still be able to stop the covid passport entry! We need a million votes for this. Together we can do this, share this petition as much as possible! We are all in this together, please sign this petition and help spread it all over Europe to make this […]


35 doctors make an urgent appeal: do not give corona vaccine to children No fewer than 93 Israeli doctors have signed a letter in which they call on not to give corona vaccines to children. The doctors point out that the prevailing view within the scientific community is that the vaccine cannot lead to herd immunity. For this reason […]

The AudioKrant # 38

Read 2 De AudioKrant #38 This week Niels talks with writer Pieter Stuurman, Dwight Samson from RTDutch & Jeroen Arents from OPN. NewTime Podcast · De Audiokrant edition 38

It's no use, but we'll do it anyway!

Read 4 This is honestly the most cringe-inducing debate I've ever heard. I don't need to comment on this. Take a look and listen for yourself:    

39-year-old model dies from Astra Zeneca vaccine

Read 10 39-year-old model dies from Astra Zeneca vaccine aged 39. No chance of dying from "corona". But the shot killed her. This sad story plus the inevitable that the big pharma's will try to push this off again and politicians and media must finally keep it quiet […]

Covid vaccine causes heart inflammation in teens and young adults

Read 38 They come for our children They come for your children and things go wrong. People who don't come here (often), may despise us and get themselves and their family vaccinated and happen to read this: Is it normal to play Russian Roulette with the lives of you and your children? Is that responsible […]