You can't know everything ...

Read 21 If I were health minister and wanted to properly carry out my duties associated with that position, I would not rely solely on a handful of bread-eating (interested) prophets to formulate my policy. If you are looking for the right cleaning agent to clean your patio tiles, if […]

Call to become self-sufficient

Read 27 Call to become self-sufficient When I was pressed with the facts again last week, because I watched a video that had posted "Your best friend is watching with you on YouTube", so this video: I I just got sick of that Rudy Bouma, who […]

NieuweTijd LIVE - Alternative polity with Rients Hofstra

Read 30 NieuweTijd LIVE – Alternative polity with Rients Hofstra In the fourth livestream Niels talks with Rients Hofstra about an alternative polity. Rients has been the author of several books for years in which he talks about an alternative polity. The new media increasingly asks him to write for De Andere Krant, De OPN Krant […]

Wikipedia: tool for 'perception management'

Read 24 Wikipedia is the popular, "authoritative" internet encyclopedia known for being objective. Wikipedia ranks fifth among the most visited websites. Google gives this website as the first search result. However, the internet encyclopedia is not what it seems. It is precisely because of the official and reliable aura that Wikipedia is the instrument for 'perception management' in which large-scale falsification of history […]

Youtube just closes it

Read 33 Dear and highly valued truth-loving readers of Common Sense TV, Yesterday I received the email below from the criminal organization Youtube which worried me quite a bit. He alarmed me because I never received an email from these criminals, simply because I never registered with this abject company. As you might […]

EU reaches provisional agreement for Covid19 test and injection passports

Read 15 EU reaches provisional agreement for Covid19 test and puncture passports The European Parliament and the Council reached a provisional agreement this summer on a digital Covid19 certificate to facilitate the free movement of tourists between the EU's 27 member states, RTNews reports. It's a nice way to announce that […]

Texas' fight against forced vaccines at its height

Read 20 Doctors testify before the Senate to oppose mandatory COVID injections Many people do not realize how far it is already with the so-called "covid vaccines". Then this is a very good example. Last week, the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs testified to Texas doctors about SB […]

What is he saying?

Read 27 source: Interesting statements at 03:11 in the video. And for those who dare to claim that the vaccine has not been tested on rats, Factcheck! And you see what it does to the brain. So you have been warned.