Portuguese judge rules: 152 corona deaths, not 17.000.

Read 29 Thanks to a request from a brave observant Portuguese citizen, the Lisbon court was forced to provide the verified corona deaths. According to the ruling, the number of verified COVID-19 deaths from January 2020 to April 2021 is only 152, not about 17.000 as claimed by government ministries. All the "others" died for various reasons, although their PCR test was positive. (source) https://andre-dias.net/wp-content/uploads/Fwd-Sentenca.pdf […]

Pandemic seller Marc van Ranst angry at BPOC2020

Read 47 Does van Ranst already see the mood? Marc van Ranst, the Flemish pandemic salesman and media virologist, appears to be quite irritated now that the Extra-Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (BPOC2020) is actually going to take action and start working together with other countries. The con man who has terrified most of Belgium by his manipulative […]

FDA only now warns of serious side effects of covid vaccines

Read 63 FDA warns of vaccine dangers After more than half a year of injecting everything that is loose and stuck, in an obsessive way like we have never seen before, the American FDA now comes with the message that the mRNA vaccines can cause heart infections. “The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) added a warning about […]

GVG#7 – Dutch Matrix – Simon about conspiracies, alien life and secret societies

Read 4 Dutch Matrix In this special episode of the Common Sense Conversation, Jasper speaks with Simon from the popular YouTube channel: Dutch Matrix. The channel's podcasts cover: The Illusion of Our Reality, Politics, History, Religion & Belief, Science, Illumination, Matrix, UFOs and Aliens. Something different! For many people, […]

Different worldviews covid, different perceptions

Read 14 Foreword This document will be about the world in which people live and the perception that arises from it. We see a lot of division in society and that is why I am writing this article. Because we can understand each other better, there may be a way to get closer again. However, I think […]

The negative side of covid vaccines and other possibilities.

Read 80 Preface This article will not discuss the consideration between the advantages and disadvantages of the vaccine, but only focus on the disadvantages. Is that one-sided information? Of course. Is that bad? No, because the evidence is piling up and the benefits mentioned are widespread. Originally this article is intended to show to […]

What kind of world do we live in now?

Read 4 What kind of world do we live in now? If I am very honest, then I say that I long for the time when the Netherlands was still a sovereign country, so the time before 2002, the Netherlands of today, I have no connection with that at all, a paranoia digital society, where everywhere cameras […]

Real stars and top athletes with integrity. They still exist!

Read 7 Real personalities still exist For example Cole Beasley, a professional NFL American Football player in America. The NFL has turned out to be a politically colored and destructive organization that imposes absurd corona measures and deprives players of their rights if they do not allow themselves to be injected with an experimental substance to force them to obey. “The NFL? […]


Read 2.653 Source: by Silviu “Silview” Costinescu Poorly translated, but easy to read. Excuses. Schwab Genealogy & History Schwab is a locational German name, first given to someone who lived in the medieval Duchy of Swabia in southwestern Germany, now Bavaria. This region owes its name to the Germanic tribe from the […]

Wonderful images for real patriots

Read 5 Okay, there is a lot to criticize about Donald Trump. There are many things that you should seriously question if you are genuinely critical. But for those who seek sovereignty and love their country, Donald Trump was a gift. A gift from heaven. Especially then. The energy he […]