Against us is the bloody banner of tyranny hoisted

The dichotomy in society is more intense, more universal, grander and more organized than ever. The phrase divide and rule – in Latin divide et impera – comes from ancient Greek times. The pronunciation is attributed to Philip II of Macedon (382-336 BC), known as the father of Alexander the Great. He used divide and rule as a political strategy to […]

Vomit balls!

Dear reader, After I came across a video of Willem Engel in my last column, which thanks to @Je Bestevrienden, I came across a video by Willem Engel, who spoke very negatively about something he had said about the flood disaster that hit Limburg, among other things, alarm bells started ringing with me, [...]

One and a half minutes: Corona for dummies

In this video from more than a year ago, hear a Canadian boy explain in a minute and a half exactly why we are in this crisis, what lies ahead and why this is happening. Source: It's so predictable. And what awaits us now? Huge numbers of people will become “infected” […]

To start the Saturday morning right

Good morning, To start Saturday well and make it a bit more bearable when you see your fellow man again today wearing the most idiotic mouth caps: Masking in your sleep Not new, stays good. We have stripped the site of rubbish, wrong codes, unnecessary plugins and other rubbish to make a good and efficient website […]

Argentina airport to close

This message comes from a South American news site that I consider reliable. They announce that all airlines operating flights to Buenos Aires will be allowed to operate their last flights, with a limited number of passengers, in the first week of August. After that, things are locked. In any case, the flights were only accessible to a limited extent, but […]

Get ready for fall and winter….

They have a lot in store for us again. We predicted it a long time ago, they will never stop with this terror. At best it's just a power game for them, maybe there's a lot more to it. The German RIVM has prepared the plans for the autumn and winter. And you […]

Peasant wisdom.

Farmer's wisdom As we have become accustomed to, it is again the government that fails to fulfill its task. What we now also see more and more is that the farmers are picking up the baton again. Our farmer friends teach the bunch of hares in The Hague again the meaning of the word they used in the Second […]

Baton Rouge judge reportedly allows vaccines instead of community service

I refrain from commenting on the message below. For the general good shall we say. BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) — 19th JDC Judge Fred Crifasi reportedly offers offenders an alternative to completing community service, vaccinating. Attorney Ashley Greenhouse said Judge Crifasi gave her client the opportunity to […]

Unvaccinated people must be combated in Menorca

“The vaccine hesitancy rate is growing as vaccination progresses and that needs to be combated!” The delta variant, the new toy that governments can use to frighten the population even more so that they will participate in this eugenic experiment, turns out not to be scary enough. And because of that, Evil gets more and more faces. […]

You may not know about Pfizer, but I tell you anyway….

A little earlier than expected, the 'relaxations' are being reversed little by little in various places. 'The' solution from this crisis turns out not to be a solution after all. As far as we are concerned, there has never been a crisis, except for the one inflicted on us by those in power. Apparently it is never the intention [...]

Virologist and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier: “STOP VACCINATING YOU!”

Vaccination program unacceptable error When will people see it? From whom do they want to hear that these injections are life-threatening? Maybe from Luc Montagnier? It is inexcusable that the media has not paid any attention to this. But they have behaved in an unforgivable way for a long time. People don't have the chance to […]

Thoughts of a sheepdog.

Thoughts of a sheepdog. My name is Rommel, I am a firm sheepdog of a very respectable age. My father was a Friesian Stabyhoun and my mother a German Shepherd dog. As a puppy I grew up in beautiful Friesland, but as a young male I ended up in my current living environment. Although I here […]

That's how the mainstream media works.....

I have a warm heart for the Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee and am therefore posting this hilarious video, a compilation of images that have been circulating on the web for some time, which the BPOC has recently brought to the attention again in this form. You can be annoyed by this, but better……. Sit back and enjoy  

Do what I say, not what I do

Do you remember? Quite a few people got excited when ¨the king¨ said the following words ¨Do not make normal what is not normal¨ he said with a serious look. Before you try to push ahead with your flag at the next orange party to catch a glimpse of our¨ royal highness, please […]

Again so people understand: STAY OFF THE VACCINE!!!

Understand what is being said here, dear doubters. dr. David Martin has been active in his company for more than 2 decades monitoring patents on viruses and vaccines, among other things, and is also responsible for monitoring abuses and possible violations of (bio) weapons laws. The words of Fauci in 2015: “We have to try the public […]

The care? It will be a big worry for them.

Lots of footage, but definitely worth watching. I see this more or less as an explanation of why there is so little criticism of vaccination policy from the healthcare sector and why the doctors who do are silenced. With all this, keep in mind that currently so-called medics […]

Showdown! France approves COVID health passports for hospitality industry

Macron has declared war on France French lawmakers approved an extension of COVID health pass requirements to bars and restaurants in the early morning hours on Monday. The health pass attesting that the holder has either been vaccinated, tested negative within the past 48 hours or recovered from the disease within the past […]

Radio Glacier: new spiritual radio station

PRESS RELEASE Radio Gletsjer: new spiritual radio station On August 2, 2021, the new Dutch radio station Radio Gletsjer will go on air. A station that wants to change the world, as can be read on the website. Starting with its own listeners who, just like the radio makers themselves, are counted among the 'pioneers' of 'however it is […]

An awkward situation yesterday

An awkward situation yesterday Yesterday I was allowed to feel what a lot of people started to feel about 90 years ago. As some readers will know, I regularly visit beautiful Spain. A country with sweet but wonderfully hot-tempered people. As soon as people didn't like something, they went […]

Please let us spread fake news!

Most of what we post here on CSTV is more or less verified or appears to verify itself over time. Of course, due to the large amount of information and often lack of time, it is not always possible to find out what is specifically meant here. Also because it […]

Is Thierry Baudet RADICALIZED?

I see everything and everyone who sincerely want to fight as an ally. Even if it's Antifa. I say that because the target is getting blacker and whiter. And the supporters who stand for that goal too. You see that the government has declared war on you or you don't. Looking back is pointless. We […]

It's sink or swim!

It's sink or swim! Sometimes I am wrong. At the moment I think I was seriously mistaken. For many years I had been under the assumption that as Dutch people we were a seafaring nation that has dominated the world's seas for centuries. I assumed that the Dutch would build dikes and reclaim […]

Macron pushes people to their limits: “Unvaccinated people are selfish and irresponsible”

“Unvaccinated Selfish and Irresponsible” As predicted, Macron is leading the way in portraying the unvaccinated as the culprits of everything. While traveling in French Polynesia, Emmanuel Macron once again defended vaccination to fight the coronavirus. “We have a weapon that must be used, namely the vaccine. And I want to send a very strong message to everyone […]