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Call to the Netherlands - Stop the LOCKDOWN

Dear readers,

I would like to appeal to you, it is very simple, but very effective to protest in this way!

For those who haven't figured it out yet, the Covid-19 is not that killer virus that seriously threatens us, it might be just a little worse than a normal flu, but the drug has turned out to be much worse than the disease in itself and politics unfortunately still goes with this drunk lockdown.

What can we do about this to express our dissatisfaction in a neat but clear manner

Well actually it is very simple, on April 27 we would celebrate King's Day, but if we hang our Dutch flag upside down and half-stick as a rehearsal, we send a very clear message in a very nonviolent way, on commemoration of the dead simply the flag at half-mast and on 5 May the final, again turned half-mast, to indicate that we no longer live in a democracy, have had enough of being lied to and in protest against the progress of this lockdown!

It is a protest against the EU that we have been held hostage for years under the Lisbon Treaty, it is an expression that we do not want to be a banana republic, but a sovereign country that stands up for its citizens, it is an extremely simple gesture, but the effect, if heeded this en masse, will raise the necessary parliamentary questions, so dear people think about this!

Yours faithfully,
Chris Collard.

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