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And then the whites were fed up ...

Europeans and Euro-Americans are living in a bizarre era where the egalitarian constitutional states they have built are broken down by activist organizations (BLM, AFA) and parties (Democrats) who hold contempt for whites.

Whites are accused of possessing “privileges,” which is why the anti-white elements in our society feel they have a de facto license to harass, intimidate, blackmail and even demand their resignation.

Also, the freedom of expression of whites is much more limited: While anti-White rhetoric is tolerated on Social Media, posts that are pro-white are banned. Only pro-Afro / brown is allowed from the Jack Dorseys and Mark Zuckerbergs of this world.

We have come to a point where a majority of whites in the US indicate that "whites have now replaced Afros as the most discriminated group" (2012).

The recent BLM protests / riots have heightened this sentiment, to a point where more and more whites no longer take it.
More and more White agents and truck drivers refuse to work and deliver in areas where Democrats have abolished the police or where the chances of being attacked because of your White race are quite high (No-Go Areas).

If we are so hated, they will certainly not need safe neighborhoods and stocked shelves. #WhiteStrike

Tribalism is and remains part of human existence due to neuro-biological differences between population groups.
The 18th century idea that we all end up in the world as an unwritten A4 sheet has been completely swept away thanks to the DNA decoding: We have already been largely described by our hereditary characteristics.
The only, and also the most reasonable, proposal is not to kill each other because of our differences.
In the (re-) migration debate, we must determine with which groups we can live in peace and which groups differ so neuro-biologically from us that living together is so difficult that re-migration is necessary for the quality of life in the Netherlands.


Amy Chua - Majority of Whites find that whites are the most discriminated against

Tucker Carlson - There are two versions of the law (one for Whites and one more favorable to Brown people)

Dr. Steve Turley - The backlash against BLM

Mr. Obvious - #WhiteStrike


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