39-year-old model dies from Astra Zeneca vaccine

39-year-old model dies from Astra Zeneca vaccine

39 years. No chance of dying from “corona”. But the shot was fatal.

This sad story plus the inevitable that the big pharmas will try to push this off again and politicians and media keep silent, shouldn't it be a signal to everyone that something is wrong here? Or has the death of this young woman also been in vain?

Stephanie Dubois from Cyprus was a model at RMG Model Agency . 

Source: Facebook

After administering it Astra Zeneca vaccine Stephanie was hospitalized and was in a coma after a brain haemorrhage. She died at the age of 39 on May 21, 2021. 

According to vrienden en family on social media, her condition is said to be in response to the Covid Astra Zeneca vaccine. Facebook has removed this. Because just blame the vaccine? The interests are too great for that. A life is irrelevant.

Criminal. Downright criminal and a direct attack on the freedom of speech on the back of victims.

Stephanie had a Facebook message posted that she had gotten her vaccine and felt "awful".

On May 14, Stephanie posted another public message about her symptoms. She said her joints were jammed, she had tremors, headaches, dizziness, and had trouble breathing.

Stephanie also says she felt discouraged about the way her body reacts and that she was unable to take the journey she had been looking forward to.

On May 14, she posted another public post thanking people for their kind words and good wishes. She had blood tests and reports: “My white blood cell count is high, but they don't know what's causing it. To be honest, I was really scared this morning. ”

May 18 announced ze at to be tired but not to feel ill anymore. She would have had more testing that day.

Stephanie's uncle, Stephane Gillisjans , posted on May 19, Stephanie was admitted to the ICU and wrote, "We're going crazy!" He passed the message on Brigitte Davenport , Stephanie's mom.

Mother Stephanie with granddaughter

According to reports on social media, Stephanie's brain stopped functioning. Former colleagues, friends and family continue to share their grief on social media.

"She was a beautiful and talented soul, taken out of the world too soon."

Francesco Group Church Lane also posted their condolences on Facebook on May 23, 2021. On social media, there were many heartbroken people commenting on Stephanie's Facebook photos.


We are forced to take these risks. If you don't and you don't get vaccinated against something that you can possibly only get after your 70th birthday, you will be excluded from society and eventually forced by your own government.



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