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A giant mushroom cloud appeared over Beirut, the capital and Yesterday main port from Lebanon.

Clear mushroom video footage Beirut:

There are already 100 deaths and more than 4000 injured after massive explosions that took place in the afternoon.

It is said here and there about a nuclear attack, or an atomic bomb.

Thick smoke fills the city center.

The huge blow, which came at the end of Tuesday afternoon, was felt in much of Beirut and was to hear to the island of Cyprus, about 240 kilometers away in the Mediterranean.

Trump was the chickens around the whole thing attack to name.

But Israel says to know nothing and also Hezbollah denies involvement.

American terrorism expert Jennifer DeMaster, however, believes Trump should keep his mouth shut because there is no official investigation yet done to the cause of the explosions.

Trump is sometimes right, she says, but that was also four years ago, referring to the 'Russia conspiracy hoax'.

Without official investigation is the MSM immediately claiming that it was an accidental explosion of 27500 ton ammonium nitrate in the port of Beirut.

Beirut was under lockdown so many people were at home, which has significantly increased the number of victims.

Israel and Turkey have offered humanitarian aid to Lebanon. Also the WHO sends medicines.

The Dutch woman who was seriously injured in the explosion in Beirut is the wife of the Dutch ambassador, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms. The victim also works for the ministry. The ambassador is not injured himself.

It arose after the explosion big surge. The wounded crawl on the street in Beirut and the windows of all the surrounding apartment buildings are blown out.

'People miles away were blown over. Buildings collapsed, balconies were torn off and many windows fell, causing shards of glass to fly around. After the thump, large gray and reddish-brown clouds of smoke rose above the city. It looked like one nuclear explosion'said Walid Abdo, a resident of Beirut.

A quarter of a million inhabitants are now homeless.

More than half of the city is seriously damaged.

Lebanon Prime Minister Hasan Diab already has vowed revenge on the perpetrators.

His national promise is that an answer will be returned to the sender of the bomb.

The governor of Beirut wept for the camera over this catastrophe.

On the same day, Tuesday, August 4, massive explosions also occurred in a chemical plant in China, in Zahedan City in Iran, and in North Korea.

Howling Governor:

Msm immediately calls the bomb fake news:

Violent images Beirut:

Trump calls it an attack:

Jennifer DeMaster:

Close-up video footage explosion:

Clear mushroom video footage Beirut:

'Mythbusters' 10.000 kilos of ammonium nitrate blast, spot the differences:

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