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Daughter Joe Biden in Diary: Daddy did inappropriate things to me in the shower

An American whistleblower claims to have obtained the complete diary of Ashley Blazer Biden. The 39-year-old daughter of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

The whistleblower knows where the diary is currently located and says it recent is fully written in the run-up to and during the race to the '2020 presidential election'.

There is also an audio recording featuring Ashley herself in person confirms that it is her diary.

In the diary, she describes her struggle with a cocaine addiction. This drug addiction has already been extensively covered in the press in 2009.

Ashley Biden also says she has sex addict is:

"It's not healthy the way I behave, but at least it's healthier than cocaine."

On page 23, she writes in her diary on January 30, 2019 that she strongly suspects that her sex addiction was caused by her father:

“Daddy would shower with me a lot and do unseemly things to me. I think I can say I was sexually assaulted by my father. '

Ashley is not afraid to state plainly that she is one aversion has from Joe Biden.

Her too niece Caroline Biden played nasty sex games with Ashley in her youth.

On July 22, 2019, Ashley Biden confided page 83 of her diary that she received a call from her father Joe, who crying expressed concerns about [name whistleblower] just before the Democratic Primary Debate.

He knows exactly how to make me feel guilty. He has done this before. I have a big debt complex. '

In at least two pieces of text in the diary identifies Ashley herself as Ashley Blazer Biden.

The whistleblower also has one handwriting-expert released on the booklet.

This verified that it is actually about the work of Joe Biden's daughter.

The whistleblower works as a journalist at a media company that, after at first Having contributed to this clever piece of background journalism, the diary ultimately chose it CANNOT to publish about 10 days before the election because a competing news studio them onder busy had put.

His statement exists ook a sound recording.

The diary emerges just after Ashley's brother, Hunter Biden, came to light on several occasions in China. transgressed has to Chinese .

$ 4 billion was passed on to Biden from China during corrupt business deals.

Former Mayor of New York, Rudi Giuliani, came up this week with emails and images.

China also contributed to the onthullingen.

The sexual acts Hunter performed on the children concern everyone imagination beyond.

"This has nothing to do with sex anymore, not even porn," said a Chinese witness.

"Hunter Biden treats the minors inhumanely."

'He tortures them in such a way sick way that it cannot be described with a pen. '

Videos with testimonials about pedo Hunter Biden and footage of the sexual horrors will be released from Google and all possible platforms in minutes deleted.


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