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Rows for gunshop 'to bunker down' on Election Day

In anticipation of upcoming riots, looting, and violence, downtown Washington DC is boarded up with plywood and plywood.

In preparation for a war, as if a hurricane in the fourth category is approaching.

While walking through ghost town Washington DC, Nigel Farage, party leader of the British anti-lockdown party Reform UK, says it's a good sign that Antifa are polishing their baseball bats:

"They foresee defeat for Joe Biden, of course."

Also the White House is completely barricaded and the shops in the surrounding neighborhoods have been closed since Monday and will remain closed for the time being.

Dozens of blocks have been completely closed off by the police, including the area around the Trump International Hotel.

A memo circulated to faculty and staff at George Washington University suggested "to bunker down" like a snowstorm.

Farage says in his video that in a democracy the election results should simply be accept. But the Marxists with their flying monkeys BLM and Antifa feel themselves morally superior and will 'try to change the outcome' if they don't like a result.

Chief officer of Washington DC Police Peter Newsham says that all leave and days off are of all police officers withdrawn. "For now the whole force is on duty."

In Denver, all shops are also boarded up, just like in all other major cities.

Lori Lightfoot, who is the boss in Chicago, indicates that parts of the city will be closed 'where necessary'. Already, additional police patrols, trucks and other heavy equipment have been pulled out and stationed at almost every street corner and strategic locations in the metropolis.

All very expensive shops Manhattan have screened their windows and storefronts on Fifth and Madison Avenues with wooden plates.

Bill de Blasio, the mayor of New York says he is ready for all kinds challenges.

Mark Zuckerberg also warned that all social media posts celebrating the victory 'early' will be marked with the message that the content of the message is incorrect.

He says it very normal and it is not illegal that the election results will take weeks until a 'half consensus'has been reached about who actually won the elections.

So in other words, if Donald Trump wins the election, Facebook says that is not true.

Zuckerberg anticipates civil unrest starting November 3 and calls on you to prepare for it.

Portland, Oregon is home to the National Guard already ready for what is to come.

The Los Angeles Police Department has all officers one crowd control training to follow in collaboration with other forces.

On the Ventura Boulevard in the Los Angeles Studio City neighborhood, hundreds of Trump supporters honking flags were already cruising towards Beverly Hills on Sunday, where they gathered for a protest.

While hundreds of open prayer services, demonstrations and protests are officially registered and many spontaneous demos are also expected, people in California prefer to queue at the door of the gun shop.

In Huntington, south-east of Los Angeles, guns are not available.

The sales figures of firearms fly up, just like in the rest of the US.


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