Book burning of Sint-Nicolaas books is allowed because 'Zwarte Piet tramples on good morals'

Libraries in the Netherlands remove children's books with Zwarte Piet on a large scale.

People think that Zwarte Piet gives a stereotypical image of a certain part of the population and the libraries move along with this, says director of the Association of Public Libraries (VOB) Anton Kok.

'Numerous books have been taken down over time because they'in contrary to morals'were', says Kok.

'I am thinking, for example, of the children's books in which the population of the Dutch East Indies as patjakkers was put away. Zwarte Piet is also, for me, 'contrary to morals'.'

When asked about Dutch people who are still attached to Zwarte Piet, he makes the comparison with it fascism.

'Some also see fascism. And, yes, that sounds crude but I mean that one NARROW PART not our policy determine'says the umbrella director.

According to Tineke van Ham van Rijnbrink of the consultancy organization for libraries in Gelderland and Overijssel, there is now MANY ask for books without Zwarte Piet.

Parents and schools want to books without Zwarte Piet ', it sounds.

'White children another Pete doesn't care and black children think so vreemd en to and that's what matters. '

Tineke forgets to mention that black children are always there when the chickens are there for their sweets nasty Piet from the ground.

Leftist Lisa Kuitert, GRAPEProfessor of Book Studies, notes that libraries “society volgen".

'Just as confectioners hardly ever make Zwarte Pieten from chocolate or marzipan, publishers hardly publish books with Zwarte Pieten anymore. Libraries volgen society in this, 'says Kuitert.

Someone who has the Book Science pretends to practice and at the same time before BOOK BURNING deserves to be burned at the stake.

There will be nowhere prove put on the table to emphasize the words of the aforementioned traitors. Exact numbers, showing how many parents are involved actual that Zwarte Piet will seem to be hate.

But the sales figures of the CSTV Zwarte Pieten shirt don't lie!

They fly out of the store like hot gingerbread dolls !!!



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